Feast on meaty mud crabs, free-flow claypot beef & more till 1am at this affordable seafood bucket and BBQ steamboat buffet from S$29.90+ in Geylang

by Christabel Tan

Regardless of how many New Year’s resolutions we’ve set, it’s always hard to resist the allure of an affordable buffet with free-flow meats, seafood, and other tummy-filling goodies.

Geylang is home to many hidden gems, from authentic banh mi to mee hoon kueh, and of course, an array of late-night eateries offering hotpot, Chinese skewers, and lok lok. One fine example would be That1, a relatively low-key eatery that opens till 1am daily.

Photo: That1/facebook

Don’t be fooled by its unassuming exterior — the two-storey Chinese eatery (like most eateries along the Geylang Road stretch), offers one of the most value-for-money seafood and BBQ buffets we’ve come across in a while.

Photo: That1

The buffet is priced at S$39.90+ per pax at dinner (daily), but those who head down during lunch (11am to 3pm) can enjoy it at just S$29.90+ per pax from Mondays to Thursdays.

Every two persons are entitled to either one seafood bucket or BBQ steamboat; if you dine in a group of four, you’ll get to order both.

Photo: That1/facebook

The Seafood Bucket (U.P. S$98 for a la carte) consists of a generous portion of mud crabs (the meaty kind), prawns, mussels, lala, scallops, crayfish, squid rings, sweet corn, potato, and cocktail sausages.

Photo: 妳好Nihao/RED

You can even choose from an assortment of sauces: Chilli Crab, Butter Tomato, Black Pepper, or the signature Mala Curry.

Photo: That1/facebook

Moving on to the BBQ Steamboat, That1 offers a two-in-one BBQ and steamboat set (similar to mookata) with ingredients like prawns, scallops, enoki mushrooms, quail eggs, marinated chicken, and even a unique 5 Spices of Life — five slices of pork belly in five different flavours symbolising five basic tastes: Lemon (Sour), Sweet Soya Sauce (Sweet), Coffee (Bitter), Wasabi (Spicy), and Fermented Bean Curd (Salty).

Photo: That1/facebook

The buffet also comes inclusive of free-flow soft drinks (with the option of an additional S$10 for free-flow beer) and mains from the regular menu, like stewed claypot dishes (go for the Stewed Beef and Sesame Chicken) and fried finger foods.

Photo: That1/facebook

Those who want to sing and dine at the same time can make a beeline for the family-sized karaoke room — advanced bookings are required.

Ready to start the year on an extra hearty note with this ultimate seafood bucket and BBQ steamboat buffet?

That1 那忆家
📍99 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389208
🕒 11am–1am (Daily)

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