This cat cafe in Johor Bahru lets you cuddle with cats and write letters to strangers along with hearty Japanese donburi, desserts & more from just S$6

by Marcus Leong

Let’s face it, no trip to Johor Bahru is complete without a visit to a pet cafe. And if you’re looking for a new cat cafe that you should definitely add to your list the next time you’re in JB. 

TwentyFour Cafe
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TwentyFour Cafe is conveniently located just a short drive away from CIQ — perfect for those who are in desperate need of cuddles. The best part is, the cafe is a free-to-enter cat cafe, just as long as you purchase an item from them. 

Photo: 贰肆/facebook

Unlike most cat cafes which impose an entrance fee to play with the furry felines, here, all you gotta do is to purchase any food or drink item on their menu and you’re free to cuddle with the kitties that are just casually roaming around. 

TwentyFour Cafe
Photo: 贰肆/facebook

That said, the cafe isn’t a dedicated cat cafe. Instead, it is home to four resident cats but don’t worry, they’re all super friendly and definitely won’t mind cosying up with you for a bit. There’s also some house rules you’ll have to follow if you plan on playing with the kittens like taking off your shoes and treating the kitties with love and care. 

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Apart from the adorable kitties, the cafe also offers a pretty unique experience where you can write letters to other diners. Yes, the old-school pen and paper style of writing letters, complete with a wax seal. 

TwentyFour Cafe
Photo: 贰肆/facebook

Food-wise, TwentyFour Cafe is also known for their signature Japanese Donburi (from S$6.23, RM22), or rice bowls, topped with toppings like grilled unagi, chicken cutlet, Japanese Curry and more. They’ve also got other Japanese classics like Okonomiyaki (S$4.25, RM15), Karaage (S$4.25, RM15), Lime Soba (fromS$, RM25), and Curry Udon (from S$7.64, RM27).

TwentyFour Cafe
Photo: 贰肆/facebook

It’s a cafe so of course you’ll find some very pretty looking desserts too like Matcha Lava Cake (S$5.66, RM20), Basque Burnt Cheesecake (S$5.10, RM18) and Caramel Pudding (S$2.83, RM10) — this one looks really yummy. They’ve also got dessert bowls with toppings like mochi, candied apple, sponge cake and more. 

Photo: @twentyfourcafe/instagram

Drinks-wise, they also have an interesting selection of drinks like the Xi Ding mocktail (S$5.10, RM18) which comprises pineapple juice, matcha, and cinnamon. Of course, they also have your quintessential cafe drinks like coffee, teas and matcha. 

Planning a getaway to JB? Make sure to stop by this cosy cafe for a little pick me up! 

TwentyFour Cafe 
Facebook | Instagram
📍 27-02, Jalan Sri Pelangi 3, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
🕑 12pm–10pm (Thu to Tue), Closed on Mon

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