Get cosy with cute and furry kitties for just S$7 at this Johor Bahru cat cafe located inside a mall with drinks from just S$3, day passes & more

by Marcus Leong

We all visit JB for different reasons, whether it is for a relaxing massage, thrifting, stocking up on groceries or daily necessities, or even visiting a pet cafe. Planning to hop across the border during the weekend? Make sure to clock in some much-needed cat therapy at Chucky Cat Cafe

Chucky Cat Cafe
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Located inside Komtar JBCC, the popular cat cafe is one of the very few cat cafes to be conveniently located inside a shopping mall — no excuse to not visit them anymore. They have over 20 adorable kitties lounging around the cafe eagerly waiting for you to cuddle and play with them. 

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The cafe is divided into two sections. The first floor of the cafe is a small dining area where you’ll be able to enjoy some simple cafe food and drinks. They’ve got a pretty extensive food and drinks menu with a range of refreshing teas and sodas like Pink Peach Sparkling (RM12.90, S$3.68), Cucumber Lemonade Soda (RM12.90, S$3.68), Ume Plum Yuzu Fruit Tea (RM10.90, S$3.10) and Lychee Assambol Soda (RM12.90, S$3.68)

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For something a little more robust and unique, go for their house coffees (from RM6.90, S$1.90) or even their Rose Latte (from RM9.90, S$2.80). If you’re lucky enough, you might be joined by one of the sneaky little kitties lurking around to steal a sip or two of your drink. Each drink purchase will entitle you to an additional 10 minutes of playtime with the kittles for free

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On the second floor of the cafe is where you’ll find most of the cats, either chilling in their cubby holes or just lazing around — what a great life they have. The cats here are all super friendly so go ahead and get cosy with them. 

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Apart from cuddling with them, there’s also cat treats available from S$1.40 (RM5). You’ll definitely want to get this because if there’s one thing I’ve learnt with my own cats is that, they’ll give you more love if you have treats. 

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To enjoy some quality time with the kitties, you can purchase a 60-minute pass for S$6.55 (RM22.90). But if you need more than an hour with these kitties (which we reckon some of you guys might need), there’s a day pass option for just S$18.55 (RM65) which includes a free drink. 

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They’ve also got family packages from just S$10.85 (RM38) for those who plan on bringing their young ones (we’re referring to the human kids) down to play with the furry felines. Do note that kids below eight years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Entrance tickets can be purchased here

Photo: @abdulhayy johnson/google images

Most people who have visited Chucky Cat Cafe left with heavy hearts and a desire to adopt a kitten, so don’t be surprised if you leave feeling similar sentiments! 

Are you looking for the purr-fect chill activity to do this weekend? 

Chucky Cat Cafe
Facebook | Instagram
📍 Lot No 302, Komtar JBCC 3rd Floor, City Centre, 8000 Johor Bahru
🕑 10am—10pm (Daily)

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