Popular Japanese dessert chain with warabimochi drinks & long queues opens in Taste Orchard

by Christabel Tan

Anyone who has visited One Holland Village over the past couple of months would’ve probably seen really long queues at a certain dessert kiosk.

Yes, I’m talking about Warabimochi Kamakura, the incredibly popular dessert chain from Japan that landed in Singapore in February 2024.

Photo: Warabimochi Kamakura

If you’re not keen on braving the crowds and/or travelling all the way to Holland Village, I come bearing good news: they’ve finally opened their second outlet at Taste Orchard.

Photo: Warabimochi Kamakura

As the name suggests, Warabimochi Kamakura specialises in warabimochi, a traditional Japanese confection made from warabiko (bracken starch), yielding a soft and silky mouthfeel. Every serving is coated with roasted kinako (soybean powder), and finished off with house-made kuromitsu syrup made using 100% pure brown sugar from Okinawa.

warabimochi kamakura taste orchard
Photo by Confirm Good

While you can purchase the warabimochi in boxes of five and 10, those seeking a sweet treat on the go can enjoy them in 2-Piece Cups (S$3.90) with or without ice cream. If you’re a fan of different textures in food, you’ll probably enjoy the version with ice cream (S$5.90) a lot more.

warabimochi kamakura taste orchard
Photo by Confirm Good

As for the warabimochi drinks, you won’t go wrong with the Strawberry Yogurt (from S$7.90), Tenku No Hojicha (from S$5.90), and my personal favourite, Asakawa-en Matcha (from S$5.90).

Photo by Confirm Good

However, the newer Lemonade Series may offer a bit of an acquired taste. Despite having high hopes for the Matcha Lemonade (from S$5.90), which had lovely grassy undertones, it was lacking that brightness and acidity I long for in a good lemonade.

The same goes for the classic Lemonade (from S$5.90), which was on the sweeter side and didn’t taste as zesty and refreshing as it looked. Also, do note that both drinks contain bits of warabimochi, which makes them a lot more indulgent than expected.

warabimochi kamakura taste orchard
Photo: Warabimochi Kamakura

From now till 12 April 2024, you’ll get to snag a free small Asakawa-en Matcha when you buy the the 10-piece Warabimochi box, exclusively at Warabimochi Kamakura at Taste Orchard, while stocks last. Don’t say I didn’t tell ya.

So, what are you waiting for?

Warabimochi Kamakura @ Taste Orchard
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📍 Taste Orchard, 160 Orchard Rd, #01-02, Singapore 238842
🕒 11.30am–9.30pm (Daily)

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Photos by Christabel Tan

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