This cafe and bar in Clarke Quay has free vinyl-listening stations and hearty brunch fare from under S$20 alongside unique drinks like Kopiccino, minty matcha & more

by Marcus Leong

Picture this: it’s a sunny Saturday afternoon and you’re chilling comfortably in this cosy cafe, listening to your favourite hits playing softly in your ears. Sounds like a real mood right? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll be getting at Swee Lee Cafe Clarke Quay. 

Photo: Swee Lee Music Co.

Before you say anything, yes we’re talking about the popular music store that sells guitars, drums and other musical instruments. The new Swee Lee Cafe in Clarke Quay is about to become a music-lover’s heaven with a full-fledged cafe and bar, dedicated vinyl-listening areas, and more. 

Photo: Swee Lee Music Co

Being a music store, of course you can expect to find a super extensive collection of vinyl records at your disposal. Feel free to browse through and pick your favourite one and head over to the vinyl-listening area to give it a good listen. 

If you’ve never listened to a vinyl record before, trust me when I say this but it will absolutely elevate the musical experience. Kick off your virgin listening experience by signing up to be a Swee Lee Rewards member and you can start listening to the vinyls for free!

Photo: Swee Lee Music Co

There are plenty of seats spread across the entire cafe, so you don’t have to worry about finding a seat. Those who have the luxury of working from home can also consider heading over here to get some work done as the cafe has Wi-Fi and power points for you to plug in your laptop and type away. Just make sure you are considerate and not hog the table. 

On the cafe front, the menu boasts an all-day brunch menu with dishes like Caramelised Banana Oatmeal (S$14), Kimchi and Cheese Toastie (S$17), and the quintessential brunch staple Grilled Cheese (S$15)

Photo: Swee Lee Music Co

You definitely have to give their crowd-favourite Kaya French Toast and Dippy Eggs (S$17) a go. It comprises thick brioche french toast with pandan kaya custard alongside two soft-boiled eggs — kinda like your traditional kaya toast set. 

Photo: Swee Lee Cafe/google images

Fans of the Swee Lee Cafe at The Star Vista will be very familiar with their fluffy waffles. Great news, the waffles are also available at Swee Lee Cafe Clarke Quay and to make things even better, they have half portions that’s perfect for those who want something less filling or even solo diners.  

Photo: Swee Lee Cafe/google images

Pair the soft and fluffy waffles with toppings like Caramelised Banana (from S$13), Matcha Azuki (from S$15), Berry Compote (from S$13), and Kahula Tiramisu (from S$17).

The drinks menu is where the bar aspect of the establishment truly shines with unique concoctions like the Kopiccino (S$10) which is your regular coffee with oat milk, chocolate balls, and a dash of Baileys for that extra kick. 

Photo: Swee Lee Cafe/google images

Other drinks on the menu include the Gula Melaka Tonic (S$8), Fizzy Matcha Sour (S$9) and Minty Matcha (S$9) — which sounds absolutely divine.  

Photo: Swee Lee Music Co.

Most people would be wandering around Clarke Quay at night but if you’re ever in the area during the day, or just looking for a new cafe to check out, make sure to add Swee Lee Cafe Clarke Quay to your list. They’re really the embodiment of cafe vibes — good food, great drinks, and even better music. 

Which artist will you be listening to on record first?

Swee Lee Clarke Quay 
Instagram | Website 
📍 3B River Valley Road, #01-06 Clarke Quay, Singapore 179021
🕑 10am—10pm, Daily

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