Wildfire Burgers known for affordable burgers finally reopens with wagyu beef patties, crispy bacon and honey butter chicken alongside cocktails, milkshakes & more

by Marcus Leong

It’s burger time! 

You might have heard of the name Wildfire Burgers. Best known for their hearty and juicy burgers, the popular burger joint had closed all their outlets in 2023. But, they’re now back with a brand new look at their flagship outlet at Robertson Walk

They’ve also got a revamped menu featuring eight elevated burgers, juicy steaks, sides with a kick, and an extensive drinks menu. 

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The new shop space at the courtyard of Robertson Walk sports keeps things simple with deep blue walls and matching furniture. Quintessential to any burger joint, of course they have a neon sign that spells out “burgers”. 

Photo: Wildfire Burgers

Despite being a gourmet burger joint, Wildfire Burgers’ keeps prices affordable starting from just S$16 — the same prices since they first opened in 2018. Whoever said that you need to break the bank to enjoy gourmet burgers clearly hasn’t been to Wildfire Burgers. 

What sets these guys apart from other burger joints are their insanely smoky and juicy Stone Axe Wagyu patties. The patties are delivered fresh daily, and hand-prepared then grilled on a charcoal grill to perfection. 

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My favourite burger on the menu definitely has to be the Triple Bacon Double (S$22) which features two Stone Axe Wagyu patties, crispy bacon, bacon jam, baconnaise, and master sauce. Imagine all that goodness sandwiched between two pillowy soft and buttery brioche buns — doesn’t that sound like perfection? 

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The bacon was cooked to a crisp and was super crunchy. The sweet master sauce really elevated the beefiness of the patties and contrasted well with the savouriness of the crispy. The double cream brie added a nice savoury-creamy texture into the mix and was the perfect ingredient to tie all the flavours together. 

The Triple Bacon also comes with the option of going with just one beef patty for S$18. But we totally recommend going for the double instead, it will be worth it. 

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We also had the Hot Honey Butter Chicken burger (S$18) and yes, you must be wondering “who goes to a burger joint and orders a chicken burger?” But hear me out. The chicken patty was crispy on the outside and super juicy on the inside. 

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The chicken is paired with whipped sriracha honey butter and master sauce which gives it a touch of spiciness, sweetness and creaminess all in one bite. There was a slight hint of garlic that was coming through which elevated the brioche buns to a garlic bread of sorts. 

Wildfire Burgers has a selection of milkshakes on their new menu and of course I had to order it — because burgers and milkshakes are one of life’s best combinations. I originally wanted to try the Strawberry Milkshake (S$12) but it was sold out. 

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I went for the Black Doris Plum Milkshake (S$12) instead, and wow was I absolutely mind blown. It was fruity, milky, and creamy all at the same time. I loved that it was not too sweet and had a nice berry fragrance. Flavour-wise, it was mildly sweet and a tad sour — kinda like a mix between blueberry and cherry. Definitely a must-get here!

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For something a little stronger, Wildfire Burgers also has a series of cocktails on their menu like Espresso PX Martini (S$22), Black Negroni (S$22) and an Apple Old Fashioned (S$22)

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On the menu are also a selection of sides like the Wedge Salad (S$13) which features a wedge of iceberg lettuce with a creamy parmesan dressing, topped with crispy bacon. They also have Golden Chicken Nuggets (from S$8) which come with a choice of Japanese Curry Mayo, Nacho Cheese or Chipotle Mayo.  

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The Japanese Curry mayo is a creamier and slightly barbecued version of your regular japanese curry sauce. But I preferred the Chipotle Mayo which was smoky , creamy and slightly tangy. 

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As a die-hard fan of onion rings, I am not kidding when I say that you must get the Salt & Vinegar Fried Onion Rings (S$8). The onion rings are not heavily coated in batter which makes it feel less jelak and more like onion crisps.

I really love that you get to taste the sweetness of the onions unlike most onion rings. It also comes with a side of vinegar which fans of sea salt and vinegar chips will definitely love. 

I don’t know about you but I might have just found my new favourite burger spot in Singapore. 

Wildfire Burgers’ new flagship outlet at Robertson Walk is officially reopened so head down for some hearty burgers now!

Wildfire Burgers
Facebook | Instagram | Website
📍 11 Unity Street, Robertson Walk #01-12, Singapore 237995
🕑 4pm—11pm (Daily)

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Photos by Marcus Leong

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