An La Ghien has authentic Vietnamese BBQ and hotpot, unique Vietnamese dishes & fresh oysters from $1.90

by Jesslyn Lye

Barbeque and hotpot are a favourite amongst Singaporeans — we love our K-BBQ, our Thai mookata, and our Chinese hotpot — but have you ever tried traditional Vietnamese barbeque and hotpot? To get a taste of this, head down to An La Ghien in Geylang.

an la ghien
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Priced at S$34.90, the BBQ Platter comes with a mix of meat, seafood, and greens. The platter serves two to three people, and includes beef, chicken, baby octopus, and prawns – a pretty decent selection given the price. Barbeque the meat over a charcoal grill, and enjoy it with the savoury dipping sauce for optimal flavour.

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The hotpot sets, like the barbeque platter, are also priced at S$34.90 and come with a mix of protein and vegetables. The ingredients and soup base however, vary depending on the set you choose. 

Choose from either the Beef Hot Pot Set or the Tom Yum Hot Pot Set if you’re craving a more familiar taste — or for something a little more unique, go with the Pickled Fish Hot Pot Set, a broth with a hint of sourness. 

an la ghien
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Aside from barbeque and hotpot, the humble eatery also serves a wide range of authentic Vietnamese dishes. Dedicated to bringing Vietnamese delicacies to Singapore, the restaurant was started by Ms Tran Thi Ngoc Giau, who moved to Singapore in 2014, and was inspired to open the place after learning to cook dishes from her hometown. 

On the menu are items rarely found even in other Vietnamese restaurants, such as the Stir Fried Butter Big Shells (S$11.90), which offers freshwater snails imported from Vietnam, cooked in a butter sauce with a hint of mint. 

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Another must-try item is the Banh Xeo (S$9.90), a Vietnamese pancake filled with sliced pork, prawns, bean sprouts, and vegetables. 

If that’s not enough, the restaurant also has Oysters Happy Hour from 9am to 7pm daily, where they serve fresh oysters at the affordable price of S$1.90 per piece. 

It’s hard to find a restaurant that serves authentic Vietnamese cuisine in Singapore, let alone one that offers such a wide range of dishes. So the next time you’re in the mood for Vietnamese food, drop by An La Ghien to sample some of their interesting dishes!

An La Ghien
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???? 45 Lor 27 Geylang, Singapore 388177
???? 9am – 11pm (Mon to Sun) 

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