This themed museum in Johor Bahru has IG-worthy light installations, floral-themed projections, a giant ball pit & more

by Marcus Leong

Johor Bahru is the perfect weekend destination with plenty of food, night markets, and lots of shopping! Running out of interesting places to explore in JB? Then make sure to make a trip down to the Bear&Bad Theme Museum for some mind tricks, ball catching fun, and plenty of IG-worthy pics. 

Photo: Bear&Bad Museum/facebook

The museum is located just 30 minutes away from the checkpointsuper convenient for you to end your JB adventure on a high note. Unlike your regular museum visits, the Bear&Bad Theme museum makes for a more unique and different experience. If you’ve ever been  to (or seen) the popular TeamLab Interactive Light Museum in Japan, or the ArtScience Museum’s Future World Exhibition, you can expect a similar experience here. 

Photo: Bear&Bad Museum/facebook

For all your pretty IG-worthy pics, the Illusion museum is where you have to be. Decked in technicolour lights, mirrored walls and glass floors in a pitch black room, prepared to be amazed by the beautiful masterpiece created entirely by lights — kinda like those you’ll find at teamLab. 

Photo: Bear&Bad Museum/facebook

What’s cool here is the lights here are decorated to look like you’re in a sea of colourful jellyfishes — don’t worry, these guys won’t sting you. The mirrors also give the illusion of a boundless light show. There’s also a flora-themed room with colourful flower petals projected from the floors right up to the ceiling.

Pro tip: Ladies might wanna throw on your tutu-style skirts to take a beautiful ballerina inspired pic against the backdrop of illuminated flowers.

Photo: Bear&Bad Museum/facebook

Located next door is the Kite Museum, which as its name suggests, is a museum with over 125 kites. But before you pass on this one, you must know that these kites are not your regular paper kites. The kites on display here range from the traditional kites to ones with a more modern look and better aerodynamics. You’ll even get to see some really cool and abstract ones on display too! Just looking at them makes me wanna go fly kite now (no pun intended). 

Photo: Bear&Bad Museum/facebook

The museum also has a huge ball pit for your little ones to dive into. The Little Bear Steam Lab is filled with cute installations like a makeshift cannon that launches the plastic balls into the air. It honestly looks like so much fun, even I wanna have a go at it.  

Photo: Bear&Bad Museum/facebook

While the little ones might not appreciate the aesthetic lights in the Illusion Museum, they might enjoy the interactive games here. The games are projected onto touch screens and children (or even adults) get to crack their heads to solve mysteries.

Photo: Bear&Bad Museum/facebook

After exploring, fuel up with some hearty Western mains at the Big Girl Cafeyes, I too chuckled at the name. The cafe serves your classic Western food offerings like Fish & Chips for just around S$4 (RM13.90) and Grilled Chicken for around S$5.50 (RM18.90)what a steal!  

Are you planning a weekend getaway to JB? Make sure to add this museum to your list of places to visit!

Bear & Bad Theme Museum 
Facebook | Instagram | Website 
📍 1413/14/15, Jln Lagenda 51, Taman Lagenda Putra, 81000 Kulai, Johor, Malaysia
🕜 10am—9pm (Mon), 10—9pm (Wed to Sun), Closed on Tue

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