I tried Beijing 101’s Hair Scalp Treatment and my clogged follicles were instantly reduced

by Natalie Lim

I must confess. I’m a murderer, a hair murderer, that is. As a woman who’s constantly bleaching and dyeing her hair, I not only suffer from hair breakage and hair flyaways but also a sensitive scalp. To counter this, I’ve always gone the extra mile for the aftercare — costly hair products and weekly hair mask applications.

Beijing 101 1
From far, my hair looks straight and silky. But if you inch closer, you’ll realise the frizz due to hair breakage.

Though they do leave my hair feeling soft, the effect fades away after a few days and I’m still prone to thin hair and scalp itching. At this point, the desperate search for a cure has only left me head-scratching (pun intended)

So on the fateful day when my boss asked the office, “Would anyone like to try a hair and scalp revitalising at Beijing 101?” I jumped the gun and said yes. 

Hair and Scalp Revitalising Treatment at Beijing 101 Hair Care Centre

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In all honesty, I was sceptical about my visit. I’ve always known Beijing 101 Hair Consultants as a professional hair loss specialist, but I never knew that they offered solutions for other hair woes too. 

Upon entering the outlet, I was ushered into a private consultation room, which I greatly appreciated. After all, seeking professional help for hair problems requires much more privacy than when you’re going for a luxurious unicorn hair transformation.

Beijing 101 3

After settling in, my hair consultant, Ann, then did a close-up analysis of my hair and scalp. What we saw helped me to figure out the root cause of my problem.

Beijing 101 4

We could see that my hair follicles were clogged due to sebum and dead skin build-ups from the picture. There were also some red patches on my scalp, which signified sensitivity. This in turn had resulted in thin hair growth and weaker hair. 

Instead of simply eyeballing and suggesting an “all-in-one” treatment, Beijing 101 Hair Consultants does a thorough consultation for your hair and scalp. The treatment is then customised according to your needs

Beijing 101 5

I was then led into a room where a plush and spacious armchair awaited. Though the room that I used was private, I noticed that in the common area, each seat was segregated by dividers which offered more privacy for patrons and it abided by safety distancing measures as well.

Beijing 101 6

When I was comfortably seated, a customised scalp mask was then applied all over my scalp to clear dead skin build-ups and moisturize the area. The solution smelled minty and left a cooling sensation — it was invigorating, given the fact that my head was constantly exposed to Singapore’s scorching sun. 

The mask was left to sit for 20 minutes before I was guided to a separate section of the room for a hair wash.

Me having the time of my life.

Over here, the water is regulated at optimal temperatures so that it’s comfortable to touch, and Ann constantly checked in to make sure that I was cosy. Shampoo and conditioner were applied to my hair and I was given a rejuvenating massage that focused on my temples, nape and crown. 

It was an experience that I highly valued since I tend to get headaches after sitting in the same position for a prolonged time.

After washing off the mask, I was led back to the chair and my hair was foamed up again — this time, with a shampoo to soften oil clogs and rid your hair follicles of excess sebum, dead skin build-up and other impurities. 

While Ann gave my scalp and hair a good scrub, she also advised that we should use our fingertips — not our nails — to wash the scalp when shampooing, as this could damage the scalp. Also, conditioner should not be directly applied to the scalp as this would clog your hair follicles. I felt truly pampered and even joked with Ann, You treat me better than my boyfriend does.

The scrub lasted for about 10 minutes and Ann then directed me back to the washing area. Just when I thought that we were done, she surprised me by pouring another flask of herbal solution into the bath, soaking my hair in it. She explained that when the procedure is done this way, it improves the hair’s absorption of nutrients. 

The solution was also poured slowly onto my scalp, which felt extremely therapeutic.

Following the hair wash, I was provided with a heated sea salt shoulder warmer that snugged nicely on the neck. If you have low cold tolerance, this will warm you right up.

The top of my head was blow-dried, and a tonic was applied and massaged into my scalp. Besides improving the absorption of nutrients into the hair follicles, the massaging also aids in stress relief and promotes hair growth. 

The process was repeated twice and I treasured every moment — it isn’t every day that you’re treated like a princess

While the tonic used on me was for sensitive scalp and the regeneration of scalp cells, Beijing 101 Hair Consultants offers various hair and scalp treatments to control your hair woes such as hair loss, oily scalp, grey hair and dry and damaged hair.

After just one session, my hair instantly looks more vitalised and moisturized.

Once the tonic had set in, my hair was fully blow-dried and I felt instantly rejuvenated. My scalp also felt fresh and light — which was a far comparison from the tight sensation I’m used to after a bath. 

A second consultation confirmed that what I was feeling wasn’t a placebo effect. The scan allowed me to compare the before (left) and after (right) pictures, and showed that the previously clogged pores were now “opened” and rid of impurities. There was also lesser grime and sebum build-up on the scalp, and these were achieved with just one session. 

With repeated monthly sessions, it’s no doubt that thicker hair density and growth can be achieved, along with improved hair condition. At the time of writing, my hair still feels light and moisturized at the ends, a stark contrast to the usual hair treatment effects that visibly vanish after just one wash.

If you’d like to tackle your hair and scalp issues with Beijing 101 Hair Care Centre, you’ll be glad to know that we’ve got a special promotion for you. 

At a heavily discounted price of S$40 (U.P. S$532), you’ll get to enjoy a Customised Hair and Scalp Revitalising Treatment which includes a complimentary hair and scalp analysis, a Puri-Mask Application and a Signature Meridian Scalp Treatment. 

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