Just opened: Chanterelle Cafe offers innovative plant-based brunch like eggless egg toast

by Evan Mua
chanterelle cafe singapore review

Chanterelle Cafe is another new café in the East, which just had its soft launch a week ago. Unlike many of the newer cafes, Chanterelle Cafe’s decor is much more laidback and simple. But its main catch is a focus on healthy plant-based dishes.

There’s not a lot of bells and whistles but the decor just makes you feel at home. Plus it’s conveniently located just a few minutes away from Five Oars Coffee Roasters, for those looking to cafe hop around new cafes in the Katong/Siglap area.

chanterelle cafe singapore review

The multi-tiered loft just gives you a feeling of going into a friend’s living room, especially with the short cushioned stools and one-seater sofas.

But Chanterelle Cafe’s homely vibes don’t just stem from its decor. It was an extremely pleasant experience the moment we entered through the door, where the owner was extremely hospitable.

We came in a huge group of eight people and she did everything to accommodate us, shifting stools and tables around their space-restricted space.

She even continued to attend to us personally — Chanterelle teaching new cafes how customer service is done.

chanterelle cafe singapore review eggless egg toast

But Chanterelle Cafe’s strongest selling point still has to be their unique plant-based focus. Their vision is to provide healthy, wholesome brunch food because, let’s face it, many of the popular brunch items provide little nutritional value.

It’s best reflected in their Eggless Egg Toast (S$17.90). The name is bound to raise some questions — how?

Literally no eggs go into it. Instead they use a combination of ingredients like chia seeds, konbu and potato starch to create this.

Texture-wise, it was surprisingly creamy and akin to a mixture of scrambled eggs and egg mayo. However, it was still a bit far from replicating the taste of egg. Nonetheless, an interesting alternative for those who want to avoid eggs.

chanterelle cafe singapore review cake

If you want something sweeter, Chanterelle Cafe also has you covered. They have a selection of cakes that they source from the popular Bob the Baker Boy.

An interesting choice is the Mango Pudding with Nata de Coco (S$9). The sponge cake was pleasantly fluffy, while the dredges of nata de coco add some quirky chew to the texture profile.

Admittedly, the cream felt a touch too greasy and lacking in mango flavour but it was still not bad.

The other cake, a Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate (S$9), was also pretty decent. It contained layers of rich chocolate sponge as well as generous amounts of crunchy chocolate balls.

A healthy dose of salted caramels added a nice salty zing to accentuate the chocolate flavours.

At the end of the day, Chanterelle Cafe’s food might not be amazing but they provide interesting flavours and healthier alternatives to your typical cafes. And that’s an admirable idea.

Chanterelle Cafe
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???? 2 First St, #01-02 Siglap V, Singapore 458278
????️ 9am–9pm (Daily)

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