This hidden café & bistro in Serangoon serves handmade pasta with an ocean-inspired menu featuring fresh seafood

by June Ngooi

There has been no shortage of bistros in Singapore, from pet-friendly ones to Japanese fusion, and even halal-certified Vietnamese cuisine

I’m always on the lookout for cafes and bistros that meet my needs of serving mains, pastas, all-day brunch menus, and alcohol, so imagine my excitement when I found this hidden gem in Serangoon. 

Making that list would be Clovelly, a chic and aesthetic café-bistro located along Jalan Riang. NGL, it took a journey and a half to reach the bistro as it was quite a walk from the MRT and then the bus stop, but the food and the vibes made it so worth it. 

clovelly singapore
Photo: Confirm Good

Stepping into the bistro, the vibes were already screaming immaculate. The glass ceiling overlooking the interior dining area gave way for much natural lighting, providing a comfortable ambience. 

Clovelly at Serangoon prides themselves on their handcrafted pastas and it is no surprise that they have a whole glass exhibit beside the counter to display their pastas creations.

Photo: Confirm Good

Mafalde (“Little Queens”) and Gemelli (“Twins”) are the two types of handmade pastas accompanying the Crab on Crab (S$24.90) and Frutti di Mare (S$22.90) respectively. 

clovelly singapore
Photo: Confirm Good

Just by its name, Crab on Crab is as you guessed it: a literal soft shell crab on shredded crab meat pasta. Deep fried to perfection, the soft shell crab matched the springy and firm mafalde pasta so well along with its butter cream and white wine base. To top off, there was a generous amount of shredded crab meat mixed in with the pasta.

Photo: Confirm Good

The tomato-based Frutti di Mare offered more variety in terms of seafood, topped with white clams, prawns, baby scallops, and squid. Initially, I was worried that the handcrafted gemelli would be tough and chewy but its al dente firmness was exquisite. 

Of course, how could we forget the appetisers? 

clovelly singapore
Photo: Confirm Good

When the Calamari Rings (S$11.90) arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see its decent size. Coated in an almost fried, breaded crust, the calamari rings bring a delicious twist to a favourite classic. What’s more, it’s not oily at all and you can enjoy the plentiful amount of rocket leaves and lemon dip on the side.

As a fan of the breakfast and brunch menu, I am always weak for a good all-day brunch menu and Clovelly at Serangoon did not disappoint me on this one. 

Photo: Confirm Good

The brunch menu offers a variety of options but the one that caught my eye was the Crab Croissant Florentine (S$22.90), which offers a unique take on egg florentine.

Stuffed with green spinach between two croissant halves, the pastry was buttered well and deliciously fragrant. The onsen egg was perfectly cooked with a thick and flowy yolk, and there was a generous amount of shredded crab along with it. 

For those who have a sweet tooth, don’t worry there are also desserts! 

clovelly singapore
Photo: Confirm Good

After a good hearty lunch, the Brown Butter Waffle with Gelato (S$13.90) was the most satisfying dessert. The premium pistachio gelato flavour was rich and creamy and complemented the butter waffle, berry compote, and crumble so well.

This is a café bistro that is definitely worth a visit for great food with the vibes to match. Perfect for a friendly catch-up sesh, family dinner, or even a date! Will you be visiting Clovelly at Serangoon this week?

???? 15-2 Jalan Riang, Singapore 358987
???? 11.30am–9.30pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon

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Photos by June Ngooi

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