Be transported to Japan at Cafe Gyoen with a Tokyo train-inspired interior and hearty fare including soft shell crab bento, matcha latte, black sesame gelato & more

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I’m sure we all have had our fair share of taking the public transport and having to jostle with the crowd, especially during peak hours (sounds familiar?)

As if most of us don’t already have our fair share of squeezing in the crowded MRT on a daily basis, this cafe lets you take a “ride” around Singapore whilst dining on hearty Japanese fare. On the bright side, at least it looks like the Japanese Shinkansen trains. 

Cafe Gyoen
Photo: @cafegyon/instagram

Nestled in Serangoon Gardens, Cafe Gyoen is a Japanese-themed modern cafe with ample dine-in seating for your next brunch date. 

If you haven’t had the time to make those travel plans to Japan yet, this cafe may have to do it for now. Not only do they serve bentos, they also have a mini gelato parlour and a hidden Tokyo subway-inspired interior for the ‘gram.

Cafe Gyoen
Photo: Fion/google images 

This cafe may already sound familiar to some of you — perhaps you have come across a few OOTD shots with its subway-inspired interior in the background on your FYP. 

Photo: @cafegyon/instagram

Decorated with train signages and rows of carriage doors, I won’t be surprised if others mistaken it to be the real deal as the design and decor does look really impressive.

Photo: Vivian Chan/google images 

Just like its unique interior, Cafe Gyoen offers an interesting menu of cafe fare that you can’t find elsewhere. I’m talking about the signature Teishoku Big Breakfast (set meal) that starts from just S$15

This hearty breakfast plate is a creative twist on the classic big breakfast comprising tamagoyaki, white goma spinach, onigiri, miso soup, pickles and udon in dashi broth topped with bonito flakes.

Photo: Angie Low/google images

There are other heartier varieties of the breakfast plate including the Tori Karaage (S$18) and Katsu Pork (S$21) platter. The latter comes with a lean piece of pork loin coated in crispy panko breadcrumbs and fried to golden perfection. 

Photo: Vivian Chan/google images

Otherwise, the Saba Shioyaki (S$19) or Soft Shell Crab (S$24) carries a much lighter palette for an early brunch.

Photo: K/google images 

Besides that, there are other mains including donburi, maki roll, noodles and curry rice. 

What’s a Japanese meal without katsu curry, am I right?

Get the Katsu Curry Don (S$18.90) or Katsu Curry Udon (S$17.90) with crispy-battered pork loin cutlet topped with creamy homemade curry. 

Photo: Zebadiah Wee/google images

They also have a pretty extensive drink menu from lattes and coffee to tea and specialty drinks. 

All the matcha lovers would probably have a hard time choosing from the Matcha Latte (S$7), Matcha Yuzu (S$7) or Strawberry Matcha Latte (S$8). As someone who thoroughly enjoys sweet treats, the latter does sound delightful.

Photo: Matthias Tan/google images

Otherwise, the classic Goma Latte (S$7) with nutty and earthy fragrance from the black sesame can do no wrong.

Anyone with a sweet tooth should try their unique version of the root beer float. Get the Kyoho Grape Float (S$6) or Cantaloupe Float (S$6) to cool you down, especially in the sweltering heat.

Cafe Gyoen
Photo: Zebadiah Wee/google images 

There’s always space for desserts and you shouldn’t miss out on the chance to get the Waffle Gyoen (S$12.50) with a drizzle of maple syrup and butter. 

Top up an additional S$3 for a single scoop of gelato with flavours like uji matcha, black sesame, yuzu hojicha lavender, maple & oat and more.

Cafe Gyoen is a train-inspired cafe with hearty meals including soft shell crab bento, strawberry matcha latte, black sesame gelato & more!
Photo: Ariel Yeo Pek Wei/google images 

I can certainly foresee the crowd flocking here for lunch since they also offer wifi and power plugs if anyone is looking to get work done. 

Looking for a new cafe haunt? Hop aboard Cafe Gyoen for unique Japanese fare and insta-worthy interior!

Cafe Gyoen 
📍 55 Serangoon Garden Way, Garden Estate, Singapore 555951
🕐 9am–9pm (Daily, kitchen closes between 3pm–6pm)

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