Singapore’s largest outdoor F&B container park opens till late with magnificent views of planes, new food vendors, a rooftop bar & more

by Marcus Leong

As a certified Westie, it pains me to admit that Changi might be the most exciting neighbourhood in Singapore. They’ve got Changi Village, Jewel, and now, Cosford Container Park — Singapore’s largest outdoor F&B container park. 

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Spanning over 35,000 square feet with over 340 seats for both indoor and outdoor dining, Cosford Container Park is gearing up to be the coolest hangout spot in the East. Plus, it’s located right beside the airport runway, so whether you’re a plane enthusiast or not, you can watch planes take off and land as you enjoy your meal.

Cosford Container Park will feature an eclectic selection of over 13 vendors — many of whom are making their F&B “debut” here! 

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Hello Butter Chicken serves a hearty bowl of tangy butter chicken, with a generous serving of tender and juicy chicken chunks. Flavour-wise, the butter chicken was creamy and slightly on the tangier side which elevated the flavours and fragrance of the spices. 

The HBC Butter Chicken Set (S$16) comes with four pieces of fluffy and crispy naan — because what’s butter chicken without pairing it with naan, am I right? I personally would have preferred if the naan was a little more garlicky, but that’s just a personal preference. If you’re ever in the area and craving some hearty Indian food, you know which booth to head to! 

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Apart from your classic Indian cuisine like Chicken Biryani and Samosas, Hello Butter Chicken also has fusion dishes like Nachos, Chicken and Turkey Bacon Roll, and even Gunpowder Fries. They also have a selection of pink chicken burgers — because pink goes with everything

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One of the best container park foods to have is definitely lok lok or BBQ skewers. Let’s BBQ Club has a wide selection of BBQ skewers ranging from well seasoned meats like pork belly, beef belly, chicken wings, Taiwan sausages, and even grilled cuttlefish. Prices also start from just S$1.80 per stick

My favourite was the spring onions wrapped with bacon, which was so juicy, crunchy and fragrant. It paired perfectly with the sweet and slightly spicy sauce. They also have a unique bacon wrapped scallop which had thick succulent scallops wrapped with smoky bacon — super yummy! 

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Another must-have here is Eat That Chicken’s crispy Korean Fried Chicken. Honestly, having Korean fried chicken beside the airport runway is such a vibe. We recommend getting the Winglets and Boneless Chicken (S$19.90) which comes with five crispy fried chicken wings and five crispy chicken tenders — the best of both worlds. 

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You can choose from three sauces — hot & spicy, garlic soy, or sweet & sour. The garlic soy was sweet and aromatic, which paired well with the juicy chicken. My only gripe is I wished that there was more sauce coating the chicken. 

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If you’re from Poly, you might be familiar with the name Creamy Duck. Well, if you’re looking to reminisce about your good ol’ poly days, Creamy Duck now has a permanent booth here and this time they have creamy milkshakes like Brown Sugar Boba with Fresh Milk and Ice Cream (S$6.50), Classic Vanilla Milkshake (S$7.50), or even an Oreo Milkshake (S$7.50)

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Can’t visit Bangkok anytime soon? Well, why not let Bangkok come to you instead! Streets of Bangkok serves authentic Thai food like boat noodles, charcoal-grilled specialties, as well as Tomyum Mama Hot Pot (from S$15) and even Mango Sticky Rice (S$12) — a must-get when you’re here. 

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Tantalise your tastebuds further unique handcrafted artisanal bite-sized tarts by Tart Man. They have a mix of cold and hot mini tarts which make for a great tea time snack. My favourite was the cheese and steak tart which comprises a crispy buttery crust filled with a sweet onion sauce topped with a juicy steak and savoury cheese — truly a medley of flavours in every bite. 

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Other vendors to check out here include The Slide House, Boon Tat Street Seafood, Ishiro, Cluny & LUK’ERS and even The Singapore Blue Lobster with their fresh seafood offerings. 

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Of course, you’re gonna need some drinks to match the chill vibes here. Cosford Container Park will also feature a rooftop bar — School of Cambridge (now you can tell your friends you went to Cambridge). Pair the serene view with a nice cocktail or mocktail in your hand and you’re all set for a relaxing afternoon with plane watching. 

Photo: Cosford Container Park

As a certified Westie, I can safely say that the thought of travelling to the far east is definitely not the vibe. But thankfully, Cosford Container Park will have its own shuttle bus service which runs daily from 5pm to 11pm. Pick-up and drop-off locations can be found on their social media platforms. 

The best part is, the container park is open till 1am daily — perfect for late night heart-to-heart talks! 

Will you be willing to make the trip down to the East to check out this vibey container park? 

Cosford Container Park
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🕑 11am—1am (Mon to Fri), 8.30am—1am (Sat & Sun)

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Photos by Marcus Leong

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