Get your portrait projected onto the iconic Changi Airport flip boards at this free photo spot in Changi Airport Terminal 2

by Marcus Leong

One of the many places in the world that make me feel the happiest is the airport — yes, our beloved Changi Airport. There’s something about the airport vibes that makes me feel so peaceful and chill. 

Contrary to what many think, there’s actually a lot of fun things to do at the airport (besides studying) — like the FUNKO Pop exhibit, rock climbing, and now, this free portrait spot

Photo: Confirm Good

If you love taking photos at the photo booth — like the one at IKEA — then you should definitely check out this cool portrait feature at Changi Airport Terminal 2. Remember the iconic flip boards from the old terminal 2 that were used to display flight information? Well, the boards have been given a new lease of life — at this photo spot at least. 

Photo: Confirm Good

The Flap Pix photo attraction is located at Changi Airport Departure Hall, near the FUNKO at Changi exhibition, and it offers a photo booth experience like no other. The photo spot uses the technology of the old flip boards to artistically outline your silhouette. All you gotta do is to stand at the designated photo spot and strike a pose. Oh and before we forget, everything is absolutely freeyay! 

There’s no fancy props available unfortunately, though, it’s not necessarily a bad thing because the portrait will be in black and white so you won’t be able to see your fancy props anyway. 

Photo: Confirm Good

What’s also pretty cool is you get to watch the boards flip to form your picture — kinda brings back memories of younger me standing in front of the boards watching it flip as flight information got updated. But of course, you do get the chance to retake the pics if you don’t like it. 

Pro tip: if you wanna admire your portrait, take a couple of steps back and you’ll be able to see the silhouette more clearly — it’s kinda like a trick-eye museum picture where you can really see the effect from a distance rather than up close. 

Photo: Confirm Good

There’s also a QR-code for you to scan for the digital copy of the pic for you to keep for memories sake. Honestly, it’s really a very wholesome experience especially if you go with your significant other. 

But even if you have no honey, no problem. You can still drag your besties along for this wholesome photo op! You can even head over before you leave for your flight since it is conveniently located at the departure hall. 

Who will you be bringing to the airport to snap cute pics with? 

Flap Pix @ Changi Airport Terminal 2 
???? Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 2 Departure Hall (near counter 1), Singapore 918146

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Photos by Claire Lim and Putri N.

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