DA Little Farm in Johor Bahru lets you play, pet and cuddle with exotic animals including an alpaca, baby hedgehog, fennec foxes & more

by Marcus Leong

If you travel to Johor Bahru or Malaysia often, you’re probably pretty familiar with the different pet and animal cafes there are around the country. But this latest entrant takes your usual pet cafe to the next level by giving you a whole petting zoo — you read that right.

DA Little Farm
Photo: @da_littlefarm/instagram

DA Little Farm is a new petting cafe located in Mount Austin in JB. It is home to over 10 different breeds of exotic animals like a baby hedgehog, ducks, skunks, and even fennec foxes and meerkats. They even have an alpaca casually roaming around the cafe. It’s like a mini petting zoo in a cafe space — how cool is that?

Photo: @da_littlefarm/instagram

What’s great about this petting cafe is that you get to get up close with animals that you’ll typically only get to observe from a distance at the zoo. I don’t know about you but I’m really excited to meet the cheeky meerkats — only because I’ve been told that resemble them.

DA Little Farm
Photo: Sakura Ng/RED

The baby hedgehog has been a crowd favourite and I can totally see why. The cute little baby fits snugly in your palm. But you should take note to handle this precious little one with extra caution so as to not hurt yourself and more importantly cause the little one any distress.

Photo: @da_littlefarm/instagram

Probably the most popular animal in the cafe is the resident alpacca who is casually roaming around waiting for hugs. According to the owners, she is really friendly so don’t be scared to give her some pets! You can also try your hand at feeding the animals with treats from just S$1 (RM3.50).

DA Little Farm
Photo: @shibaindahouse/instagram

DA Little Farm is located just above their sister brand Shi-Ba Cafe where you’ll get to play and cuddle with playful Shiba Inus. You definitely have to hop over to the cafe and snap some pics with the doggos because their smiles are so comforting — even I feel tempted to bring them home.

Photo: @da_littlefarm/instagram

If you’re lucky, you might even get to see the little ducks pecking away at the doggos. If you’re not a fan of dogs, they also have chonky and cuddly cats in the cafe that you can cosy up with.

The petting cafe does serve some light refreshments like coffee, drinks, snacks and more so you can fuel up after playing around with the animals. You definitely wanna add this place to your itinerary the next time you’re in JB!

DA Little Farm
Photo: Shi-Ba Cafe/RED

Price-wise, a one-hour session at DA Little Farm costs around S$13.60 (RM48) per person on weekdays and around S$16.47 (RM58) per person on weekends. But of course, they also have a special package that lets you enjoy access to both Shiba Cafe and DA Little Farm from just S$19.88 (RM70) per person on weekdays and S$24.14 (RM85) per person on weekends.

Do note that reservations are required prior to visiting and you can do so by contacting them via WhatsApp.

Which animal are you most excited to play with?

DA Little Farm
📍 12-02, Jalan Austin Heights 8/4, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
🕑 10.30am—2.30pm, 4pm—8pm , Daily

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