5 value-for-money SIM data plans to get for your adventures in Malaysia with rates starting from S$0.33 per day & more

by Marcus Leong

What is the first thing you do when you enter Malaysia (or any other country)? For me, the first thing I do is to settle my overseas data and make sure I have sufficient data to last me the entire trip. But the biggest struggle I have is deciding which telco plan is the most value for money data plan to use in JB. 

If you experience the same struggle as I do, you might wanna KIV this for your next JB adventure

1. Yoodo 20GB (from S$5.79/month)

Data plans to use in JB
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Yoodo is powered by the reliable telco provider in Malaysia Celcom and they’ve got very affordable data plans that can be customised to your needs. The Basic high speed data plan is priced from S$5.79 (RM20)/month for 20GB of data. But this is a very basic plan which means you literally only get the data coverage without any free calls or messages. 

If you plan on scrolling through social media while on your trip (which you obviously will), you’ll need to top up about S$0.87 (RM1) each for WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. If you wanna use Telegram, it comes at an extra S$2.03 (RM7). But, all things considered, it is pretty worth adding it on, especially if you get bored at any point during your journey. Besides, 20GB is a lot of data for one person too.  

Available here

2. Yoodo unlimited data (from RM43/month)

Data plans to use in JB
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20GB might be a lot for some, but for others, 20GB might not be enough — especially if you’re constantly creating content or working on the go. Fret not, Yoodo has an even greater plan, unlimited data from just S$12.45 (RM43)/month. This plan will entitle you to unlimited 6mbps of data, 100 mins of voice calls, and additional 2GB roaming data for free

Just like the basic plan, you’ll also need to make add-ons if you wanna use social media apps and the same charges apply. But hey, for what it’s worth, I’d say it’s still a pretty good deal!

Available here

3.  Wefly Malaysian SIM Card 

Data plans to use in JB
Screencap from Shopee

If you’re looking to beat the long queues at the local telco shops and wanna dash off and begin your shopping spree, Wefly might just have the perfect solution for you. They offer simple no frills data roaming plans that are great for short trips in Malaysia. The lowest tier is a 1 Day 500MB data plan for just S$2.78, and the highest tier is a 10 Day 10GB data plan for S$13.34

Depending on your needs, we reckon the 1 Day 2GB is more than sufficient for a day trip to JB and it costs just S$4.70. The best part is, you can get the SIM Card or eSIM on Shopee, complete with instructions on how to activate the data on your phone. 

For the eSIM, you’ll be required to provide your email address and you will receive an email with the necessary details to help you register. Just make sure that your phone is compatible with the eSIM requirements before you check out! 

Available on Shopee

4. ICC Malaysia Unlimited Data SIM Card 

Screencap from International Card Centre Singapore

ICC Malaysia is another SIM Card brand that has affordable data plans to use in JB, especially for those who frequently travel to Malaysia. ICC offers a range of plans from 1 Day Unlimited, up to 20 Days Unlimited plans. Although, the SIM card does come with an expiry date so you should take note of that when making your purchase. 

But, what’s great about the SIM cards from ICC, you can top up the SIM card and you can use it for your travels to countries beyond Malaysia! All you gotta do is to drop a message to ICC travel and they can help you with the necessary arrangements. Rates for overseas data are also kept super affordable at just S$1/day. More information can be found on their shopee page. 

Available on Shopee

5. SIMBA MY30 130GB (S$10/month)

Data plans to use in JB
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SIMBA is known for their extremely value for money and affordable SIM-only plans — and we’re talking S$10 for 100GB kind of affordable. SIMBA’s newest MY130 plan gets a whopping 130GB worth of data at just S$10/30 days — that’s around S$0.33/day! On top of 130GB, you’ll get an additional 10GB of Malaysia Roaming data, unlimited calls to local mobile, unlimited SMS to SIMBA mobile, 500 local fixed line minutes and more — probably one of the best data plans to use in JB.

But of course, this plan is more suited for those who frequent between Singapore and Malaysia. But of course, you can still use this plan in Singapore. All you have to do is to sign-up online or via the SIMBA app and then choose to self-collect your SIM or to have it delivered to you. Just like that you get to enjoy 130GB worth of data — no more worrying about exceeding your data limit! 

Available here

Photo: Frederik Lipfert/Unsplash

Having data and staying connected is very important for many of us when we are travelling abroad. These five data plans to use in JB is certainly worth considering for your next JB adventure. All you gotta do is to register for the plan and the SIM card will be delivered to your doorstep. Plus, you get to beat the queues at the local telco shops and head straight for your shopping! 

Planning a trip across the border this weekend? Make sure you’ve got your data plans all sorted out!

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