Eatbox’s new space has neon lights galore, Mentaiko Onigiri, Biscoff Youtiao & Orh Nee Fresh Milk

by Evan Mua
eatbox singapore 2021

Missing the bustle of trendy markets in Thailand? Well, you’re in luck because Eatbox, a boutique version of the popular Thai market Artbox, has opened in a permanent location!

This trendy food hall located at Tekka Place, just a stone’s throw away from Rochor MRT, is probably the closest we can get to pasar malams and art markets currently. It’s got all that lively hipster energy that will fit right onto any social media feed.

Eatbox’s New Home

eatbox singapore 2021

It’ll be hard to miss since the outside of the food hall is plastered with loud and playful neon signs, especially the overhanging “Eatbox” sign at the entrance. Entry is free, so don’t worry and just head in for a bite — only if you’re vaccinated, of course.

Featuring over 17 stalls, this bustling food hall spans 2 storeys. The vibes feel like an atas cafe-food court hybrid fitted with vibrant colours and eye-catching neon lights.

If you’re here for the photo ops Artbox is known for, Eatbox provides a good amount of stylish neon lights ready to serve as your backdrop. So pose away before you eat, just in case you get a food baby at the end.

The food

The array of stalls here is staggering and houses so many diverse concepts including Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese and even local. While it might be challenging for the indecisive to make up your mind, here are some of the places that captured not just our eyes but our palate.

eatbox singapore okinawa onigiri

In particular, we really wanted to dig into some hearty Japanese food at Okinawa Onigiri. The stall features thick hand rolls from S$3.90, stuffed with rice and spam, along with some other proteins for a hefty bite. The combination of fried shrimp tempura, omelette and mentaiko worked quite well to make the Shrimp Onigiri (S$5.90) an umami bomb.

Wanting to live out our absolute best basic lives at Eatbox, we also got a Mentaiko Beef Cube Rice Bowl (S$12) complete with mentaiko spam. While the beef cubes were a bit too chewy, the mentaiko salvage the dish by adding a creamy hit of richness to it.

But if you’re more game for Thai instead, you can also head to Thachang Shaker Bar for juicy skewers such as Original Mooping (S$1.50) and Tom Yum Mooping (S$2). There’s also a Muslim-friendly chicken mookata stall called Chickata that serves solo portions starting from S$10.90.

One special stall here is Soul Good Noodle Bar, done in collaboration with popular private dining and donut company Mixsense. Their mission whip up bougie instant noodles to tie in with the Slurping Good! experiential playground opening soon right beside Eatbox.

Some signatures on their menu include Miso Soup Instant Noodles (S$11.50), Jjajang Ramyeon with Grilled Chicken (S$11.50) and Spicy Shoyu Garlic Potato Noodles with Charred Beef Slices (S$13.50). The latter item has a good depth of flavour and nice spicy kick and the potato noodles’ interesting texture was fun to chew on.

If you’re done with mains, there’re plenty of desserts for your special dessert stomach here at Eatbox too. Tenft.‘s current seasonal special You Tiao with Mua Chee Topped with Biscoff Spread & Crumbs (S$6.90) will satisfy all Biscoff fans with the decadent mix of cookie butter and chewy you tiao.

Ice On You is another sweet alternative if the weather turns particularly hot. Nothing like some Thai-inspired desserts such as the Thai Milk Tea Shaver (S$5.80) for a hot day especially with goodies such as pearls, sago, tea jelly and cornflakes.

If local desserts are more your beat, head over to WAI to get their comforting sweets such as Orh Nee Fresh Milk with Taro Balls & Gula Melaka (S$3.60). Fans of Orh Nee would enjoy the smooth, rich combination of hot Orh Nee, milk, and Gula Melaka ice cubes.

Eatbox also has some good options for pick-me-ups for Caffeine junkies. There’s the ever-popular Flash Coffee where you can get quirky flavours like their Nutella Latte (S$4.80).

But if you need refreshing and ice-cold coffee, consider getting some of Ethos’ cold brew, perfumed with florals and citrus such asRose Latte (S$7) and Orange Cold Brew (S$7). What’s more, if you bring your bottle back, you can refill it at just S$3 — talk about a good deal.

Eatbox Singapore
Website | Facebook Instagram
???? 2 Serangoon Rd, #01-55 to 59 Tekka Place, Singapore 218227
????️ 8am–10:30pm (Daily) but opening hours may differ for individual stalls

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All photos were taken by Evan Mua.

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