Fu Men offers Halal and authentic Japanese Udon, opening new outlet in Pasir Ris

by Evan Mua

Singapore has a ton of Japanese restaurants but it’s sometimes a struggle to find good Halal Japanese restaurants that are not generic mall chains. Fu-Men Udon offers just that — good, authentic and Halal Japanese food.

Rest assured, your stomach is in good hands. One of the business partners is Chef Teppei Yamashita, the man behind Japanese favourites such as Teppei and Man Man Unagi. Can’t get more authentic than this!

Photo: Fu-Men Japanese Udon & Donburi restaurant/facebook

Their current outlet is located at the Hong Leong Building basement, with a nice hole-in-the-wall kinda vibe. You know a Japanese place is legit when it feels like a homely izakaya.

Not to mention the outlet actually obtained Halal certification, quite a rare sight for Japanese restaurants.

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Posted by Fu-Men Japanese Udon & Donburi restaurant on Wednesday, 31 March 2021

More good news for Muslim friends is that they will be opening a new outpost in the East at Pasir Ris. It will be located at Sedap food court inside Pasir Ris West Plaza.

Mark your calendars for their opening date on 26 April 2021! While the Halal certification process for a new outlet takes some time, they will be using the same ingredients there, which contains no pork.

What’s special at Fu-Men Udon is their ‘Hakata’ Udon which originates from Fukuoka, Japan. Hakata Udon is slightly slimmer than the Udon commonly found in Singapore.

fu men halal udon
Photo: @nifuudo/instagram

One of the most important parts of Udon is the broth, and theirs is a clear broth that is prepared with fish, kelp and bonito. Besides the cleanness of the broth, they also offer half portions for the health-conscious.

So what’s popular at Fu-Men Udon? One of their signatures is the Gobo (S$7/S$12), which comes with Burdock Tempura, a unique root vegetable that’s not commonly seen.

For maximum crunch, they also included a whole bunch of toppings like seaweed, spring onions, and tempura bits. A nice contrast to the bouncy bite that Udons generally have.

Beef Udon (S$8.50/S$15) is also a good option if you want some heartier meats to pair with the light broth.

fu men udon stamina don
Photo: @motor.eatz/instagram

What if you don’t want a soupy bowl of noodles? No problem, Fu Men also offers rice bowls.

For example, there’s the very peculiarly named Stamina Don (S$15). It’s a generous mix of beef, beef tendon, spicy minced chicken and egg. All that heartiness is sure to give you the stamina to last through the day.

Fu-Men is quite an interesting place to check out for Udon, serving a slimmer type of noodle and including special toppings like Burdock. Not to mention it’s authentic, and Halal certified to boot. Truly a place worth checking out.

Fu-Men Japanese Udon & Donburi restaurant
Facebook | Instagram
📍 16 Raffles Quay, #B1-17/18 Hong Leong Building, Singapore 048581
🗓️ 11am–8pm (Mon–Fri), 11am–3pm (Sat)

📍 735 Pasir Ris Street 72 #01-342, Pasir Ris West Plaza, Singapore 510735
🗓️ 9:30am–9:30pm (Daily)

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