New FuFu Pot offers S$9.90++ individual hotpots until 17 October with flavours like army stew & stinky tofu

by Evan Mua
fufupot singapore hot pot

We all know Singaporeans are obsessed with hot pot — what can beat a combo of hearty tomato and spicy mala at Hai Di Lao on a Friday night? But if you’re bored of the typical flavours you’d find, how about giving the new FuFu Pot a try?

With a slight departure from your typical hot pot affairs in Singapore, they focus on individual pots and also creative soup bases you won’t find elsewhere.

Furthermore, to celebrate their opening, FuFu Pot is offering diners a special discounted price for soups at just S$9.90 from 8 October to 17 October 2021.

fufupot singapore hot pot
Photo: @yongweikai/instagram

So what wacky concoctions can you find at FuFu Pot? For one, there’s the Stinky Tofu (S$24.90) that features a soup marinated with the exquisite aroma of the Taiwanese dish. You’d be able to fish out a slew of ingredients such as tiger prawns, clams, and Angus beef shabu in this pot.

Okay, what about something less adventurous? Many people will be glad to hear that they serve Korean Army Stew (S$16.90) in individual pots here so you don’t have to get a group of people just to share — especially with COVID-19 dine-in restrictions.

fufupot singapore hot pot
Photo: @mightyfoodie/instagram

FuFu Pot loads their army stew with the signature ingredients such as luncheon meat, tofu, kimchi, enoki mushroom, instant noodles, and some indulgent tteokbokki Korean rice cakes. You also get Angus beef shabu as well, if that glut of ingredients weren’t enough.

Another special soup you can find here is the Thai-influenced White Curry (S$19.90), but don’t sleep on their more “standard” options as well. You can find other soup bases such as Tomato (S$12.90), Collagen (S$23.90), Tonkotsu Miso (S$18.90), Sichuan Mala (S$14.90), and Mushroom (S$9.90).

fufupot singapore hot pot
Photo: @woo_alan/instagram

While the hotpot is probably the main reason you’d pay a visit to FuFu Pot, they also have a pretty diverse range of sides from different cuisines that you can get to supplement your meal too.

The Golden Custard Lava Bun ($6.80) will delight dim sum lovers while the Grilled Tteobokki Skewer with Cheese ($4.80) will satiate Korean food fans, and the Aburi Japanese Chasu & Ajitama (S$9.80) will quench your Japan wanderlust.

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