Try these secret cheat codes at Hai Di Lao to get free goodies including snacks & soup bases

by Evan Mua

You’ve probably seen quite a few people on social media saying specific phrases to Hai Di Lao servers to get some freebies. It’s not a trick, you can actually snag yourself some free goodies from Hai Di Lao using certain secret cheat code phrases.

Who doesn’t like some stuff on the house — Hai Di Lao really knows how to make customers happy. Don’t want to leave empty-handed? We’ve got some cheat codes you should know about, along with the hanyu pinyin in case your mandarin is as rusty as ours.

Get a free packet of Hai Di Lao soup

hai di lao cheat code singapore
Photo: Hai Di Lao Singapore

Say “你家的汤底好好喝” (nǐ jiā de tāng dǐ hǎo hǎo hē).

Probably what most fans of hot pot would be interested in, this cheat code snags you a packet of Hai Di Lao’s delicious soup to bring home. You can ask for the tomato soup too! If you didn’t have enough hot pot at the shop, you can break out the steamboat pot and have a hotpot sesh yourself at home.

Bring home their addictive snacks

hai di lao cheat code singapore
Photo: 小小周周/xiaohongshu

Say 你家零食好好吃呀 (nǐ jiā líng shí hǎo hǎo chī yā).

While the hot pot is the main event, you can’t deny that their snacks are dangerously addictive. Say the magic cheat code and you can get some of Hai Di Lao’s popular snacks to bring home for those nighttime emergencies where you get extremely peckish.

Let them turn you into a fairy

hai di lao cheat code singapore
Photo: @yannyan703/instagram

Say 小仙女来吃火锅了 (xiǎo xiān nǚ lái chī huǒ guō le).

Wanna feel like a princess while you’re here? Get your dining partner a fairy wand from Hai Di Lao with this cheat code and it’ll feel like you have your own fairy godparent. Ok, these trinkets aren’t exactly useful but it’s still an adorable freebie to liven up your meal.

Get your own bouncy white rabbit

hai di lao cheat code singapore
Photo: Hai Di Lao USA

Say “兔兔那么可爱怎么可以吃兔兔呢? (tù tù nà me kě ài zěn me kě yǐ chī tù tù ne).

If you want to finish your meal with a cute and sweet dessert, try out this phrase which will get you a milk pudding that comes in the shape of an adorable rabbit. Disclaimer though, some outlets might not have this dessert.

Go back with your favourite fruits

hai di lao cheat code singapore
Photo: @brightnessben/instagram

Say ‘你们的(fruit name) 好甜啊’ (nǐ mén de … hǎo tián ā).

Sometimes you really feel like munching on more of those juicy watermelons or grapes after your meal but are too stuffed from the meal, what do you do? Just say this cheat code and Hai Di Lao will send you home with their juicy fruits for you to indulge in when your stomach space frees up.

Cake and LED boards

Photo: Hai Di Lao Singapore

Say “我朋友今天生日” (wǒ péng yǒu jīn tiān shēng rì).

We don’t think this really needs introducing to anyone who has been to Hai Di Lao but it’s still one of the most classic cheat codes here. Tell your friendly server that it’s someone’s birthday and they’d grace your table with the glowing LED boards and free cake — good for actual birthday celebrations, or just embarrassing a friend.

Grab some cute toys & accessories

hai di lao cheat code singapore
Photo: 183495954/xiaohongshu

Say “我们这桌都是小朋友” (wǒ mén zhè zhuō dōu shì xiǎo péng yǒu).

Try this out if you’re a child at heart who won’t pass up on some toys and nick-nacks including toy guns and coin pouches. However, it’s something that’s not been widely tested in Singapore yet so try it at your own risk — but hey can’t hurt to try right?

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