10 fun websites with no-download games & apps to kill time

by Natalie Lim

Some of us are fortunate enough to own a laptop that’s strong enough to support games. The rest of us make do with a computer built with the sole purpose of writing documents and creating powerpoints — threatening to fall apart if we even dare to launch a harmless 2-bit game.

If the latter sounds like you and you’re dying to catch a break, here are some fun websites to visit and kill a little time. Since they’re browser supported, there are no downloads required.

Fun websites to kill time


fun websites to kill time typeracer
Photo: TypeRacer

Speed writing isn’t everyone’s forte, but for writers like me, it’s a small validation to know that I type faster than most people in the world. 

This fun website lets you type race with cars. The speed you’re writing at propels your vehicle forward and the aim is to reach the finish line first. Mistakes will cause your vehicle to halt and your accuracy will also be calculated. 

Visit this website here.


Photo: Unscreen.com

It sucks to say we’re still bounded by Singapore’s borders, but it’ll be fun to play pretend that we’re somewhere else. Unscreen lets you crop out your video background and replace it with whatever you’d like — whether it’s the high cliffs of Santorini or the white sandy beaches of Phuket, it’ll be fun to “whisk yourself away” and send these videos to your friends or family.

Other animations such as space spiral and neon kaleidoscope are available too, just in case you’ll like to create your next album cover.

Visit this website here

The Oregon Trail

fun websites to kill time oregon trail
Photo: The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail is an older, very popular computer game developed back in 1971. You get to play the role of a wagon leader and guide your group of chosen settlers on a journey, where you have to strategically purchase items, hunt for food, and map out your route. 

Photo: The Oregon Trail

The gameplay is considered a realistic representation of what the wild west really was, so your player can fall ill and die from multiple causes, such as a snakebite, measles, or even exhaustion. Just make sure to buy the correct amount of items as you’ll need them to last through the game!

Visit this website here.


fun websites to kill time windowswap
Photo: Window-swap.com

WFH may seem great at first, but the blues do get to you after a while. Facing the same four walls daily does make you crave some sort of action, but in Singapore, looking out of the window will only get you stares and perhaps, an occasional scurrying squirrel.

At Window-swap, you can open a new window somewhere else in the world. This fun website is a quarantine project that lets you see unique views from all around the globe, bringing kaypoh (nosy) to a whole new level.

Visit this website here.


Photo: vo.codes

If no one has been celebrating your hard work in the office, consider visiting vo.codes, a website that allows you to choose your favourite character and speak whatever you’d like. Tell yourself that you’ve done a good job through Spongebob or Yoda’s voices, or make Bill Gates speak some words of enlightenment to make yourself feel better.

It may seem a little psychotic, but who are we to judge when deep down inside, we’d prefer for our favourite movie characters to come to life?

Visit this website here


Photo: Playphrase.me

A lot of things keep us awake at night. Your neighbours playing mahjong with no consideration for others, your mother catching the latest Korean drama at full TV volume, or, a quote from a movie that you just can’t figure out the title of.

If that is bugging you to no end, visit Playphrase.me, a fun website that’ll take you through movies with the existing quote. All you have to do is type in the sentence, and a few movie clips will play through. 

Visit this website here.


fun websites to kill time syntehsia.io
Photo: Synthesia.io

Synthesia.io is a fun website that allows you to create a realistic A.I (artificial intelligence) video by simply keying in your script. You can choose from three different script templates, each offering a different A.I. 

With technology becoming increasingly advanced, these videos can be used to create interesting introductions for your latest project or, you can send a sales pitch to your partner to request a date night out.

Visit this website here.


fun websites to kill time futureme
Photo: Futureme.org

Dear Future Me  three words that may seem cheesy at first, but will soon reflect a process that is both thought-provoking and honestly, much-needed when we’re stuck in a world where a pandemic haunts us. 

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, take this opportunity to write a letter to your future self to remind yourself that you’ve made it this far. Be it one, five, or even ten years down the road, a letter from your younger self would probably surprise you and leave you in gratitude. 

Visit this website here.


Photo: OpenPuppies

This fun website states what it is. OpenPuppies brings you the best gift on earth — video clips of puppies from all over the world.

Simply hit the spacebar and you’ll be rewarded with puppies running through the snow, puppies rummaging through mud, and more puppies doing all sorts of things.

Visit this website here

Pixel Thoughts

fun websites to kill time
Photo: Pixel Thoughts 

Life hits hard sometimes and if you’re having a bad day, visit Pixel Thoughts, where you’ll be guided through a 60-seconds meditation process. 

The website’s graphics are adorably cute and soothing music accompanies it in the background, making it a great space to relax and let your worries free. 

Visit this website here

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