KFC Singapore has finally brought their French Fries back to the menu

by Christabel Tan

Here’s a piece of good news for KFC Singapore fans — fries (and yes, Cheese Fries) are back!

kfc singapore
Photo: @kfc_sg/instagram

Remember the collective sense of sadness we all experienced when everyone’s favourite Cheese Fries were taken off the menu, under the guise of going on annual leave to “find themselves”?

KFC’s french fries were also temporarily removed from the menu back in February 2022, as the result of a devastating “global supply disruption”. Have those supply chain issues been fixed for good? One can only hope.

Photo: KFC Singapore

Cheer up, because you can finally feast on these crispy, thick-cut golden fries to your heart’s content.

Photo: KFC Singapore website

We visited the official website and app on 8 July 2022, and sure enough, fries can be pre-ordered for dine-in, takeaway, and delivery.

kfc singapore
Photo: KFC Singapore

Unfortunately, we cannot have the best of both worlds. All three wedge options — Plain Wedges, Cheese Wedges, and Golden Cheddar Wedges — have been taken off the menu. At least we still have the Whipped Potato, a classic that must never be taken off the menu.

At the time of writing, there has been no official announcement on any of KFC’s social media platforms.

Head on down to your nearest KFC outlet ASAP — it’s been way too long.

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