LiHO TEA is back with their seasonal strawberry drinks

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It’s strawberry season, and LiHO is back with their seasonal Korean strawberry drinks.

The series is available at all outlets, and they’re made from exclusive Korean Seolhyang strawberries, one of the sweetest, juiciest and softest variety of strawberries in the world.

Here are the flavors available.

Limited edition Liho strawberry series

[NEW] K-Strawberry CheezHO Cake

LiHO Strawberry drinks

Prices: Medium ($7.50), Large ($8.50)

The latest edition to the strawberry series, K-Strawberry CheezHO Cake is a concoction of five layers – tea jelly, white pearls, strawberries, fresh milk and topped off with LiHO’s signature cheese foam.

The drink is then finished off with a drizzle of chocolate sauce, adding a tint of cocoa to compliment the velvety drink. Since it mimics the texture of a cheesecake, it makes a great dessert.

K-Strawberry Latte

Prices: Medium ($7.10), Large ($8.10), Hot option ($7.10)

Strawberry milk is a popular treat served in Korea cafes during the summer, and the K-Strawberry Latte is as close as you can get to that taste.

With strawberries crushed and lightly blended with fresh milk, the acidity of the fruit cuts the creaminess of the drink perfectly.

K-Strawberry Jing Syuan

Prices: Medium ($7.10), Large ($8.10), Hot option ($7.10)

Now that the rainy season in Singapore is over, warm humidity has set in. To beat the heat, the K-Strawberry Jing Syuan makes a refreshing drink consisting of strawberry bits, blended with Jing Syuan tea.

The taste of Jing Syuan tea is light, creamy and flowery, and sometimes compared to milk. So if you’re looking for sweet treat without the guilt, this drink is the way to go.

Exclusive LiHO strawberry merchandise

From left to right: Tumbler ($19.90), Reusable Cup Holder ($3.90) and EZlink Card ($7)

Besides launching their drinks, LiHO has also came up with exclusive strawberry-themed merchandise. With 2 strawberry drinks purchased, you’ll be able to get the Reusable Cup Holder at $1 instead.

Available at all outlets from 16 January

The drinks and Reusable Cup Holder has been launched on 16 January, while the tumbler and EZlink Card will be released on 23 January. However, they’ve limited quantity, so while stocks last!

For online orders, visit Foodpanda.

Or, check this out for more limited edition items.

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