Lucky Saigon at Tanglin serves authentic Vietnamese in an alfresco garden area that feels like Vietnam

by Evan Mua
lucky saigon tanglin

While many people have been talking about jetting out of Singapore to holiday destinations with the upcoming VTLs opening up, not all of us have the luxury to travel. But if you’re looking for a spot to escape our concrete jungle and bask in an out-of-Singapore ambience, then Lucky Saigon’s new Tanglin space should be on the top of your list.

You have to cross a quaint bridge, lightly covered in mist, to enter a central “garden” area that’s covered in lush greens and overhanging plans. There’s even a cage full of birds ready to serenade you during your stay — it’s like you’ve just waltzed into an idyllic little village in Vietnam.

lucky saigon tanglin
Photos: @saltyaaron/instagram

But the airy alfresco area is not the only thing that Lucky Saigon has going for them at Tanglin. You can find a wide array of authentic Vietnamese items on their menu that includes not only the classics like Pho, Banh Mi and Wraps but also BBQ.

Start off your meal with generously stuffed spring rolls that include the familiar Fresh Spring Rolls (S$7.50) and also some crispier options such as the Crispy Chicken (S$7.50).

lucky saigon tanglin
Photo: Lucky Saigon

And of course, it’s not a Vietnamese feast without at least an order of soupy pho. Nothing flashy or experimental, just good ol’ traditional beef pho that comes with a light and clear soup and rice noodles that start from S$8.50. Pretty affordable.

If you’re craving some sweet comforting broth to match with the relaxing vibes at Lucky Saigon’s Tanglin “garden”, you can go for the Vietnamese Sliced Beef Pho (S$12.50).

lucky saigon tanglin
Photo: @yongweikai/instagram

But if you’re not someone who loves slurping on soupy noodles, you can get their dried-version of BBQ Chicken Rice Noodles (S$11) instead, which is a mix of rice noodles with an assortment of crunchy veggies as well as roasted chicken.

Lucky Saigon’s Tanglin outlet also has Banh Mi available if you need something heartier than just noodles — you can get a crunchy baguette loaded with ingredients from S$8.50 here.

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