Pancake Place is a new Kampong Glam cafe with more than 10 types of pancakes including eggs ben, smores & cempedak

by Evan Mua
pancake place cafe singapore

Some people say Pancakes are breakfast food, some say it’s best enjoyed over brunch, and some say it should be a dessert. Well, no matter which side of the argument you’re on, Pancake Place will have you satisfied with its diverse and sprawling menu.

We’re talking more than 10 different types of pancakes that range from your typical sweet toppings to savoury combos to some very off-beat flavour inspirations. So if you’re all about those stacks of fluffy goodness, this will feel just like home for you.

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Pancake Place is a newly opened cafe at Kampong Glam, opened by the same Muslim owners behind popular cafe Royz Et Vous.

But the focus here is providing the quirkiest and most enjoyable flavours you can find on pancakes. As much as we enjoy those golden drizzles of maple syrup or the cream-filled Japanese souffle pancakes, a little excitement can’t hurt.

pancake place cafe singapore
Photo: Pancake Place

When we say quirky, we mean it. Pancake Place’s unusual savoury combinations include the hearty Lemak Duck (S$17.90), an eggs-benedict-inspired Salmon Royale (S$21.90), and a fragrant Grilled Tiger Prawn (S$21.90).

Do these sound just like recreations of popular brunch items you’d find on toast or pasta? Well yeah, it’s like that but you got pancakes instead we consider that an upgrade.

pancake place cafe singapore
Photo: Pancake Place

In the sweets department, you would find a tamer slew of items, save for the exotic Cempedak Creme Brûlée (S$16.90) that’s soaked in cempedak custard.

Seriously though, Pancake Place has the back of every sweet tooth out there because it’d be hard to resist items like the zesty Mango De Coco (S$18.90), decadently squishy Smores (S$16.90) and the Blueberry Cheese (S$19.90) that boasts of the classic NY cheesecake combo.

pancake place cafe singapore
Photo: Pancake Place

Don’t run off to Pancake Place just yet, because we haven’t even touched on their strikingly over-the-top milkshakes. A fruity–pebbles-loaded Cereal Killer (S$13.90) and sinfully rich Peanut Butter Jellayyy (S$13.90)? Hell yes.

Of course, we get it if you want a thirst quencher that’s less taxing on the hips — speciality Earl Grey Teas such as the Berry Tea-Riffic (S$5.90) and Moji-Tea (S$4.90) will help wash down all that pancake goodness.

Pancake Place Cafe by Royz Et Vous
Website | Facebook | Instagram
???? 56 Kandahar Street, Singapore 198904
????️ 12pm–4pm, 5pm–10pm (Daily)

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