9 things to look out for when choosing a part-time job

by Natalie Lim

It’s been a year of fighting with COVID-19 and while some of us are working from home, there are a few others still struggling for a job. Whether you’re a student, a fresh graduate, or someone in a mid-life crisis, part-time jobs are a way of earning side income and expanding your portfolio. 

While there’s an abundance of job listings on the internet, some of them are questionable and may not be what it seems. To aid you in your job hunt, here are some things to look out for so you can contribute your energy to the right part-time job.

Things to look out for in a part-time job

Career dialogue/Focus groups

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If you’re getting paid just to sit at home and answer some questions, it probably sounds too good to be true. Not all career dialogues and focus group jobs are scams, but the seminar may be a way for the speaker to sell you their products or services. 

Some of them may even make you pay to join the discussion as a “start-up package”, or use your personal information against you. This includes details such as your email address, so that they’re able to send you offers, like entries into sweepstakes (enter your zip code and email for a chance to win a $500 Apples iTunes gift card) or other dubious survey sites.

To be safe, always check the authenticity of the person that’s contacting you. Most of the time, the companies they’re representing are real, but these persons may be impersonating as staff.

Coupon sales

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Singaporeans are afraid of three things at the MRT. 1) MRT breakdowns. 2) Insurance agents asking for a minute of your time to do surveys. 3) Charity organisations busking on site. Now, don’t get us wrong. Singaporeans are kind people who are willing to donate to the less fortunate, but with the increasing amount of fake donations, it’s natural to be wary before parting with your money.

Besides scam organisations, another thing to look out for when applying for part-time jobs are fundraising postings. When applying for the job, always ensure that the company you’re working for is legitimate. Most of them promise a high salary of S$15-S$25/hour, but these are commission-based and not included in your basic salary. Always check the JD before signing up. 

MLM/ Financial institutions

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Any job that requires you to pay an upfront fee before starting is most likely an MLM (multi-level-marketing) institution. Often, these companies sell the dream of leaving the rat race and becoming the CEO of your own company. Unlike a traditional business, MLM businesses depend heavily on recruiting by all members. Every time a person joins an MLM, they become part of their recruiter’s “downline,” and a cut of their sales is funnelled upward.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you’d like to be an insurance agent. But some financial agencies recruit for agents by advertising jobs that are not related to finance. You could be going for a “personal assistant” or “HR assistant” interview and they’ll try to persuade you to join the team during the meeting. Check the company’s address and validity of the job scope before heading down.

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When applying for a part-time job, do be vigilant and check if it’s from a reliable source. All part-time jobs require an employment contract, so you should stay clear of the ones that do not provide you with so.

Plus, some recruiters disguise sales/other less desirable job positions as event-related jobs. If the job scope sounds dubious and the accompanying pay is at a sky-high rate, be wary. 

Inappropriate part-time jobs with high rates

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Some jobs claim to pay a rate higher than others, with easy job scopes that make you wonder – what exactly are they paying you for? When coming across such jobs, always be sure to do a thorough check of its background

Based on our experiences, these jobs always turn out different from their job descriptions. Some employers may even task you with inappropriate jobs. 

When looking for a part-time job, always do your research and ensure that there are no loopholes in its authenticity.

Dubious recruitment agencies 

When looking for a part-time job, we usually come across many job listings provided by recruitment agencies.

However, instead of providing you with the job information, some recruiters would ask you to join their Telegram channels or follow their Instagram pages. 

When coming across such recruitment agencies, do be wary as sometimes, they might be using job listings just to expand their network and database. 

Do a company background check 

Before going for an interview or signing any contracts, it is important to make sure that you have done a background check on the company to ensure its credibility. 

One way to know whether a company has a good background would be through their company website. Try to steer clear of those websites that look sketchy or unprofessional as it speaks a lot about their ethics and professionalism.

One way to do extensive research on a part-time job is to look through external sites such as Glassdoor or Reddit. They come with reviews and experiences for you to understand more about the company’s culture and credibility.

High-paying rates – subjected to experience

Some agencies would post a job with the title of “up to $xx/hr” and it’s usually a high amount to entice you in applying for the job. 

When looking for a part-time job, it is important to note that some payments are subjected to your experience and skillset. If you are deemed to be inexperienced, the pay rate may differ drastically from the stated amount.

Credited Telegram channels with job opportunities

We understand that with the ongoing recession, times are hard. If you’re looking to hustle for a side income or broaden your job search, we’ve vetted through some Telegram channels with job opportunities. We hope that this article on things to look out for in part-time jobs is helpful, and here’s to hoping that everyone is safe and well in this period!

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