Peppa Pig Musical coming to Singapore, just in time for School Holidays

by Evan Mua
peppa pig singapore

If you have a little one in your family then you’d have heard the line “I’m Peppa Pig…” a million times. Kids are absolutely in love with the adorable British pig. So what’s the best way to reward your tots during the school holidays? By bringing them to the Peppa Pig Musical that’s coming to Singapore in June!

peppa pig musical singapore esplanade
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Peppa Pig’s Musical Adventure will be gracing the Esplanade Theatre later this year, for a limited run from 2 June 2021 to 10 June 2021. The play will last for a fun 75 minutes — not too long, not too short.

The timeslots for the shows are as follows:

  • 3:30pm and 7pm (Mon–Fri)
  • 9:30am, 1pm, 4:30pm, and 8pm (Sat–Sun)
peppa pig live a perfect rainy day
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Titled “Peppa Pig Live: Perfect Rainy Day!“, this musical promises to make a splash amongst the pre-school kids. However, parents should note that the musical is only open to kids that are 2 years old or above and all children require tickets to enter.

You can purchase the tickets now which range from $78 to $118, excluding the booking fee. Get your tickets here!

So what’s the Peppa Pig Musical going to talk about? It’s essentially a story about Mummy Pig keeping a bored Peppa Pig occupied during a storm when they’re stuck indoors. I’m sure all the parents can relate to that.

peppa pig musical singapore
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It starts off with an unexpected storm and Peppa Pig’s grandparents turning up at her house along with their loveable pet, Polly Parrot.

And when Peppa gets bored, Mummy Pig suggests putting out “A Rainy Day Play”. Everyone contributes essential and different elements to create a wonderful play.

A very educational theme of working together with others, which the little ones can stand to benefit from.

Photo: Book My Show

The musical will also feature Peppa Pig’s friends Rebecca Rabbit and Suzy Sheep. So if your kids are fans of any of these characters, they will have a blast at the musical.

It’ll make for great memories when they grow older — just like how Disney on Ice made our childhoods so memorable.

If you’re looking for other activities you can bring your kids to during School Holidays, check out our comparison guide for Singapore’s cruises to nowhere.

Peppa Pig Live: Perfect Rainy Day!
📍 1 Esplanade Dr, Esplanade Theatre, Singapore 038981
🗓️ 2 June 2021 — 10 June 2021

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