Just opened: Priority Pizza puts fries and mac & cheese on pizza

by Evan Mua
priority pizza singapore

We all know the market for Pizza has grown very competitive, and pizza brands are now trying to stand out with zany toppings. New kid Priority Pizza got the memo, and is trying to rewrite said memo.

Sure, Pizza is inherently just dough with some sauce and toppings on it. But there’s a certain method to innovating with toppings. Some places like Blue Label have it down to an art, but others go for novelty value.

priority pizza singapore
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Priority Pizza is still new, but they don’t just plan to live on being just gimmicky clickbait either.

There is a unique selling point to Priority Pizza besides the quirkiness — they are game-themed pizza brand.

Besides game-inspired pizza names, customers receive pizza boxes which are Gameboy inspired and can double as a chess board when folded.

priority pizza chess board
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Everyone can have a blast it with — because Priority Pizza exists exclusively on the web as a delivery-based business. You can order online on GrabFood, Deliveroo or Foodpanda. Islandwide delivery is available on GrabFood.

Ultimately though, it’s their eye-catching toppings on their 12-inch pizzas which would attract many people.

priority pizza fries pizza
Photo: @the_priorityclub/instagram

One of their most popular is their Curry Curry Revolution (S$19.90). Priority Pizza tops this bad boy with Fries, Japanese Curry Chicken, Cheddar, and Mozarella.

So if you were ever asked if you wanted fries with your pizza, now you can try fries on your pizza.

priority pizza mac & cheese pizza
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Another mouth-watering (or eye-brow raising) creation is the Truffle Mac Attack (S$19.90). Truffle and Mac & Cheese sound great are a classic combo when served in a bowl.

But Mac & Cheese on a pizza? Now, that you gotta try for yourself.

Photo: @the_priorityclub/instagram

However, Priority Pizza’s menu features some more classic combos if you’re not one for the kooky toppings. There’s the picture-perfect Pac-Man’s Pepperoni (S$19.90) and Pineapple Quest (S$19.90) if you’re one for pineapple on pizza.

Photo: @the_priorityclub/instagram

Alternatively, pick up one of their sides which are all highly customisable with sauces of your choice. It’s like a choose your own adventure deal where you can get Greek Garlic Yoghurt on Fries (S$9) or Mentaiko with Meatballs (S$16).

Photo: @the_priorityclub/instagram

And if you need some drinks to wash down all those carbs, Priority Pizza also has refreshing cold brew teas at the ready.

Choose the Sakura (S$9) for a dainty blossom green tea with apple juice, or the Luna (S$9) for a stronger jasmine white tea with grapefruit juice.

Photo: @the_priorityclub/instagram

Or if you’re feeling extra peckish, you can get a GGWP Bundle with 1 pizza, 2 sides and 2 teas for S$45. Or for those important Uno nights, a Game Night Bundle will set you back S$89 for 2 pizzas, 2 pastas, 2 sides and 4 teas.

If you’re looking for youthful and off-the-wall kinda pizza, then watch out for Priority Pizza. There’s only online delivery for now, but who wouldn’t want some fries and pizza sent to your doorstep. Except this time, the fries are on the pizza.

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