Sandaime Bunji is an affordable Japanese diner serving S$19.90 wagyu mountain rice bowls

by Evan Mua
sandaime bunji

Finding affordable Japanese food in Singapore isn’t hard, but finding one without a queue is. If you’ve been to Suki-Ya, you might have walked off at the sight of the monstrous queue. Sandaime Bunji is located just across the road at Millennia Walk.

When we look for Japanese food we always look for one that’s authentic — there’s a reason all the chains from Japan have such long queues.

And for a Japanese diner in Singapore, Sandaime Bunji is as authentic as they come.

sandaime bunji singapore
Photo: Sandaime Bunji

Stepping into the shop space, you’d feel like you stepped right into a hole-in-the-wall in Japan, being greeted by the sight of wooden counters and floor cushion seats.

Most importantly, the many Japanese patrons — especially at night — will make you feel like you’re back in the bustle of Tokyo.

But really, the main reason you should go down is for Sandaime Bunji’s signature Wagyu Mountain Roast Beef Set (S$19.90).

sandaime bunji wagyu mountain
Photo: Sandaime Bunji

A towering mountain made up of a hefty 200g of wagyu roast beef in all its meaty glory. Succulent slices of meat that are cooked to a tender softness, with a nice bit of chew.

They drizzle a sweet and savoury sauce over the mound of meat and provide a dab of wasabi at the side cut through the heaviness.

Besides that, Sandaime Bunji’s lunch set also has an ensemble of sides which include miso soup, salad, and silky tofu. Honestly, this might even be able to feed two if you’re small eaters.

Overall, S$19.90 for a huge mountain of wagyu is a steal even without the set — it’s cheaper than most wagyu steaks. But if you’re headed down for dinner, it’s still very reasonably priced at S$24.90.

sandaime bunji sashimi
Photo: @nomninjas/instagram

However, for many of us, a Japanese meal isn’t complete without some sashimi or sushi. Sandaime Bunji has you covered also with their S$16.90 Sashimi Promo.

You just have to order an alcoholic drink and you can get a sashimi platter filled with thick, fresh cuts of sashimi. It even comes with some of the good stuff like rich and fatty tuna chunks.

SANDAIME BUNJI Lunch time is 11: 30-15: 00 Lunch menu and dinner a la carte can also be ordered. Besides the popular NO1…

Posted by Sandaime Bunji on Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Otherwise, if you’re looking for something simple but higher quality than the standard chains, their lunch menu is for you.

They offer a variety of lunch deals such as the Beef Tendon Curry at just S$9.90 a la carte, a very affordable price considering where it’s situated at.

So if you’re looking for an authentic Japanese place but don’t want to break the bank, then Sandaime Bunji is a great option. Especially if you’re craving for an entire mountain of succulent wagyu beef,

Sandaime Bunji
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