You will soon be able to play, cuddle and feed fluffy samoyed dogs at Snow Pawttage in Joo Chiat

by Marcus Leong

We have our fair share of cat cafes in Singapore, so it’s time to give some attention to the dog lovers. 

There’s a new dog cafe opening real soon in Joo Chiat that lets you cuddle with Samoyeds — yes, that fluffy cloud-like looking breed of dog. The best part is, you can cuddle and play with them for a whole 45-minutes straight  — yes please! 

Snow Pawttage
Photo: @snowpawttage/instagram

Snow Pawttage has a total of eight cute and energetic Samoyeds aged between seven months and five years old. These cuties are the cousins of the Siberian Husky, which explains their size and similar fur coat — which kinda explains why the dogs here all have different coloured tails. 

Photo: @snowpawttage/instagram

Don’t worry, while the dogs are full of energy, they’re also super friendly and very cuddly. Just look at their adorable faces! How can anyone resist not giving them a big hug? The doggos are so huggable, we reckon you’ll have a hard time parting ways with them. 

Snow Pawttage
Photo: @snowpawttage/instagram

While Snow Pawttage might be a cafe, you won’t be able to find any real food for humans here. Outside food and drinks are also not allowed inside, which is fair considering dogs generally eat anything and everything they see. 

Photo: @woofgangbark/instagram

Instead, you can purchase dog treats for just S$10 to feed them — the perfect way to win their hearts. In true cafe fashion, the dog treats come in the form of a macaron made by Woofgang Bark (love the punny name)

Not gonna lie, at first glance these treats do look very much like macarons for humans, but trust me, they’re really meant for the dogs. 

Photo: @snowpawttage/instagram

Prices for each cuddle session with the Samoyeds start from S$35 on weekdays and S$38 on weekends. Each session also lasts for 45 minutes

Photo: @snowpawttage/instagram

If you’re planning to head down for some quality time with these cuties, be sure to drop them a message on WhatsApp at +65 9685 2894 or via Instagram DM

Are you in need of some cuddles? 

Snow Pawttage 
📍 290D Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427542
🕑 12pm—6pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Wed

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