Just opened: The Better Scoop opens second outlet at Serangoon with nian gao and tie guan yin waffles

by Evan Mua
the better scoop cafe serangoon

Waffles and gelato — one of the most classic pairings in all of history. While gelato flavours keep getting more and more innovative, waffles hardly see any huge innovations That’s why we were so pumped up when we heard about The Better Scoop’s special nian gao waffles.

Some of you may know them better as Just Because Creamery, operating out of a small shop in Sembawang. They’d just rebranded recently before opening their second outlet at Serangoon, close to NEX.

the better scoop cafe serangoon
Photos: @saltyaaron/instagram

The Better Scoops’ new outlet is a lot more spacious than their original Sembawang outlet and has a plush Scandinavian minimalist vibe going on. Expect to see plenty of wooden fittings, splashes of green and plenty of natural light spilling onto the grey concrete floor.

And for all us IG-loving clout seekers, there’s also a plant-lined wall decor that provides the perfect green backdrop for your ice cream shots.

Compared to the OG outlet, The Better Scoop in Serangoon offers a wider assortment of gleato flavours with more space to display more of their range of gelatos. A Single Scoop costs S$4.20, Double Scoops cost S$8, while Premium flavours require a S$0.50 top up.

the better scoop cafe serangoon
Photo: @taroxtaco/instagram

If you’re a fan of old-school Singaporean flavours, you can find rather intriguing flavours such Chrysanthemum Goji Berries, Orh Nee, Luo Han Guo, Osmanthus Oolong, and Tie Guan Yin. Tea lovers would definitely enjoy the variety of fragrant and floral creations that aren’t commonplace.

Of course, The Better Scoop also caters to the younger crowd by pushing out flavours such as Baileys Dark Chocolate Chip and Hoegaarden Rose. There’s also a two-toned Honey Chamomile and Butterfly Pea Flower that can help amp up the IG aesthetics to the max.

the better scoop cafe serangoon
Photo: @klzw/instagram

Waffle lovers would want to try out their seasonal waffles which include a Tie Guan Yin Waffle (S$6.50) and Nian Gao Waffle ($6.80) which encased chewy glutinous rice flour inside to provide some contrast to the airy crust of the waffles.

Besides their flavours paying homage to traditional flavours, you can also find drinks on The Better Scoop’s menu that incorporates these old-school elements.

We’re talking about innovative beverages including Mung Bean Ice Latte (S$5.50), Red Date Longan Latte with Peach Gum (S$6) and of course, Pei Pa Koa Latte with Peach Gum (S$6.50) — no traditionally-inspired drink menu is complete without a mention of the syrup that many have somehow grown to love.

The Better Scoop (Serangoon)
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