The Sea Show is a free ocean-themed exhibition with a maze-like experience

by Natalie Lim

With borders closed, the only way to “travel” out of the country is to take a cruise holiday. But if you’re a committed, slightly exhausted individual like me that’s married to your job, perhaps a day out to The Sea Show will suffice.

The Sea Show 1
Photo: EYEYAH!

Entrance fees are usually charged for art galleries, but The Sea Show is an exhibition that’s entirely free. Designed by the arts & education platform EYEYAH! and commissioned by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), the gallery will run from now till 13 July 2021. Since it’s conveniently located beside Marina South Pier MRT station, feel free to drop by and head to town for a meal after.

The Sea Show 2
Photo: EYEYAH!

The place is structured like a labyrinth, so visitors can take their time to wander through and admire the installations. Featuring 30 artists and illustrators from 13 countries, The Sea Show holds larger-than-life artworks, animations and mini-games, each holding a tidbit of ocean life.

The Sea Show 3
Photo: EYEYAH!

One step into The Sea Show and you’ll be transported to a busy dockyard, where a Where’s Wally-inspired game awaits you. There are also AR face filters that’ll transform you into famous sea explorers like Christopher Columbus and Zheng He.

Though it may feel like all fun and games, the exhibition also highlights the threats to ocean and marine life, educating visitors along the way.

Photo: EYEYAH!

There’s also a special section dedicated to 23 artworks by artists of Pathlight School’s Artist Development Programme, an aquatic cinema where ocean-themed animations are screened and a Shark Cafe, a reimagination of where the Great White sharks migrate to during the winter.

Photo: EYEYAH!

It may be strange to see rubber duckies in an ocean exhibition, but there’s a reason behind this display. In 1992, 28,000 rubber ducks were lost at sea when a cargo ship container tumbled into the North Pacific. To date, some of them are still washing ashore. 

With this adorable installation, you’ll have a squeaky good time.

The Sea Show
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