Former Golden Mile Complex food kiosk Baguette Huong Viet moves to Maxwell Food Centre selling authentic Vietnamese banh mi, hearty bowls of pho & more

by Christabel Tan

Still hunting down the new and updated locations of your favourite Golden Mile Complex eatery or food stall?

Here’s one for all you banh-miloving folk, who will be pleased to hear that Baguette Huong Viet has since relocated to the iconic Maxwell Food Centre.

Baguette Huong Viet
Photo: Ah Teo/google images

You may remember the tiny no-frills kiosk situated at the Thai Supermarket (that will be moving to Aperia Mall) dishing out authentic banh mi, spring rolls, and even bò kho (beef stew).

Photo: @chew.and.chill/instagram

With so many unique food options in the hawker centre, like scrambled egg rice bowls, lok lok, claypot bak chor me, and fried oyster cakes, just to name a few, it’s no surprise that an authentic Vietnamese-owned spot would open up, sooner or later.

Baguette Huong Viet
Photo: @the_xw/instagram

Feast your eyes on the display of ingredients, ranging from fresh vegetables to assorted cold cuts, as you pick your preferred banh mi combo.

There are five variations of banh mi (referred to as Vietnamese bread) on the menu, with the most popular being the Vietnamese Traditional Bread (S$6), the stall’s own take on the bánh mì đặc biệt (cold cuts or “special combo” banh mi).

Photo: @the_xw/instagram

The sandwich comprises a variety of cold cuts, pork liver pâté, pickled carrots and cucumbers, chilli, and tons of coriander on a crusty baguette — without the addition of overly cloying sauces. You probably won’t get into a food coma afterwards.

Baguette Huong Viet
Photo: @chew.and.chill/instagram

Other equally satisfying options include banh mi stuffed with Grilled Pork Meat (S$6), Chicken Floss + Egg (S$5.50), or Beef (S$6)

Otherwise, the clean-tasting Beef Vermicelli Salad (S$6.50), Fresh Spring Rolls (S$5), and classic Vietnamese Beef Noodle (pho, S$6.50) will make for a satisfying, yet fairly affordable lunch, especially for those working around the area.

Ready to sink your teeth into a delectable banh mi today?

Baguette Huong Viet
???? 1 Kadayanallur St, Maxwell Food Centre, #01-42, Singapore 069184
???? 10.30am–8.30pm (Daily)

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