Popular crispy burger chain from China opens first outlet in Singapore with meat-stuffed flaky burgers from under S$5, hot & sour glass noodles, sizzling chilli noodles & more

by Marcus Leong

You might have seen pictures and videos of this viral cripsy burgers all over your social media feed by now. Well, these Chinese-style “burgers”, or rou jia mo, are from the popular Bingz burger joint. They’ve got over 140 outlets across China and they’ve recently opened their first outlet here in Singapore!

Bingz Singapore
Photo: Bingz Singapore/google images

Located at Westgate in Jurong East (west side best side), Bingz Singapore serves their iconic crispy burgers stuffed generously with meat fillings, alongside other popular Chinese street snacks. In case you’re wondering what these “crispy burgers” are, they’re essentially flakey buns — kinda frozen prata or a puff pastry — sandwiching meat or vegetables of your choice.

Photo: @westgatesg/instagram

Unlike your regular burgers, the crispy buns give the dish a crunchier texture, which I reckon would make eating it more enjoyable — especially those who love a good crunch. These burgers are also pretty afforable too, costing just under S$5 each.

Bingz Singapore
Photo: Bingz Singapore/google images

Flavour-wise you can choose from the Signature Pork (S$5.59), Black Pepper Beef (S$6.99), Spicy Chicken (S$5.59) or Cumin Pork (S$5.59). There’s also a BBQ Mushroom (S$5.49) and a Healthy Veggie (S$4.69) option for those who are looking for something a little but healthier.

Photo: @dtfoodaffair/google images

Probably the one that I’m most interested to try is the Butter Chicken (S$5.99) crispy burger which is exclusive to Bingz Singapore. I reckon it’ll probably taste like prata with creamy butter chicken (or at least that’s what I’m hoping).

Photo: @bingz_singapore/instagram

Apart from crispy burgers, Bingz Singapore will also have popular Chinese street snacks — spice lovers would absolutely love these. On the menu are dishes like Hot & Sour Glass Noodles (S$6.69), Sizzling Chilli Noodles (from S$6.99) and even Chilli Oil Pork Dumplings (S$6.99). These sound like the perfect dish to enjoy in this cold rainy weather.

Photo: Bingz Singapore/google images

They’ve also got drinks and desserts that should not be missed like the Hong Kong Milk Tea (S$3.69), Plum Fizz (S$3.69) and the Brown Sugar Ice Jelly (S$3.89). If you cant decide what to have, you can enjoy one of the combo sets from just S$8.07 which entitles you to a crispy burger, a main and a drink.

Which of these crispy burgers do you wanna get your hands on?

Bingz Singapore
Instagram | Website
đź“Ť 3 Gateway Drive, #B1-27 Westgate, Singapore 608532
đź•‘ 10am—10pm (Daily)

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