Gorgeous flower containers can be found outside Bugis+ at the Petals Fall, Now and Then exhibit

by Evan Mua
bugis floral ciontainer exhibit

Thinking of heading to town this weekend but are getting a bit bored of going window shopping for the millionth time? Well, we got the mall for you — you can head over to Bugis+ now and take a look at the gorgeous new Petals Fall, Now and Then exhibit.

This vividly coloured exhibition is part of Art Encounters efforts to transform the Bugis Town (comprising Bugis Junction, Bugis+ and Bugis Street) using a floral multi-sensorial installation created by budding artist Chloë Manasseh. Entry is free.

petals fall now and then by chloe manasseh
Photo: @chloemanasseh_studio/instagram

Located just right outside Bugis+, all of her vibrant imagination and moving strokes are crammed into one gorgeous container that is just pure eye candy. It will run from 21 Aug 2021 to 3 Oct 2021, open daily from 11am to 8pm.

With Bugis+ being such a hotspot for shoppers, Petals Fall, Now and Then provides a escape to an oasis within the dense urban concrete jungle. We say it doubles as a great OOTD spot as well.

petals fall now and then by chloe manasseh
Photo: @chloemanasseh_studio/instagram

Shopeprs can step inside the immersive space to enjoy a technicolour display of striking botanical paintings and lush flowers lined around one corner of the container. If you want, you can even unleash your inner artist and leave your mark on a participatory community canvas.

In fact, the lush environment of floor-to-ceiling visuals of Petals Fall, Now and Then were hand painted by Chloë Manasseh herself, live over a period of 14 days. How cool is that?

petals fall now and then by chloe manasseh
Photos: @chloemanasseh_studio/instagram

But the gorgeous decals aren’t the only thing that you can immerse yourself in. The installation also features a special ambient scent by home-grown fragrance label Scent by SIX, tailor made to fit the flowery ambiance in the exhibit.

Plus you might notice the splashes of blue throughout the wall, which are actually pools of water in the reimagined seascape. Petals Fall, Now and Then brings lifelike details to the next level by dousing it with reisin to make it look soaked.

bugis+ floral container petals fall now and then
Photos: Colin Wan / Art Outreeach

In the adjacent container, you can find a more traditional gallery featuring botanical paintings on canvas by the same artist. It’s also here where you can find the participatory community canvas, which has turned into a Strawberry bush. Of sorts.

Outside the exhibit itself, you can find also Chloë’s works peppered around Bugis Town which you can snap to enter the Bugis Town Art Encounters Instagram Contest by following and tagging @BugisJunctionxBugisPlus, and hashtag #BugisJunctionxBugisPlus #BugisTown.

One lucky winner will stand a chance to win a Swing Spin Splash art workshop experience for two, worth more than $150.

Art Encounters by Art Outreach: Petals Fall, Now and Then by Chloë Manasseh
Website | Instagram | Facebook
???? Bugis+ Outdoor Plaza, 201 Victoria Street, Singapore 188067
????️ 11am–8pm (Daily), 21 Aug 2021 — 3 Oct 2021

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*Top images from @chloemanasseh_studio/instagram

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