Cuddle with chonky british shorthairs at this cat cafe in the east with free ice cream & more

by Marcus Leong

Attention all cat-lovers, cat enthusiasts, and all those in need of some cuddles! 

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There’s yet another new cat cafe in town that is proving to be a real gem (pun intended). Gem Cat Cafe might just be the best cat cafe in Singapore and their six cuddly British Shorthairs are the reasons why. Located in Jalan Besar, you can head over for some much needed cat therapy with prices starting from just S$15 per hour. 

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In case you’re wondering what’s all the hype surrounding this breed of cats, well the answer lies in their adorable features. British Shorthairs are known for their flat and round faces and eyes. They’re also known for their grumpy and sometimes blur-looking expressions — which make them look irresistibly cute. 

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Apart from their adorable features, British Shorthairs are extremely docile and affectionate. This means that they love cuddles — which is great for those of us who love cuddling with these furbabies

Photo: @gem_stone_village/instagram

Oh and they’re also the breed of cats that are used in many memes online. Make sure to get your cameras ready because you never know what derpy expressions you’ll get from these cuties. 

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While most cat cafes allow you to play and interact with their kitties, Gem Cat Cafe takes interactions to a whole new level by letting you carry the cats like a baby. If you follow the proper technique demonstrated by the staff, you may even get a purr or two from these little ones — how adorable is that! 

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Gem Cat Cafe is split into two sections, so that the cats don’t get too overwhelmed by the number of visitors. The back of the cafe is where all the adorable furry ones will be lounging around, perched atop the scratching post, or cuddled up in their cubby holes. 

Photo: @gem_stone_village/instagram

Don’t be fooled by the annoyed look on their faces, they’re actually really friendly and are excited to play with you. Just pick up one of the many toys, wiggle it around and watch the kittens come running towards you. 

Photo: C/google images

Once you’re done spending some quality time with the chonky cats, you can head on back to the front of the cafe and enjoy a nice cold drink and munch on some toasted sandwiches (from S$6.50).  

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On the menu are your regular coffees (from S$4), fruit teas (from S$5), sodas (from S$4.50) and more to keep you energised before and after playing with the kitties

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Each entry into the cafe costs S$15 per person for one hour, or S$25 for two hours. You’ll  also be entitled to a free scoop of gelato — just make sure you keep those away from the greedy cats. 

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Gem Cat Cafe also recommends that you make reservations to meet their cuties before heading down. Meet-and-greet slots can be reserved here. 

In need of some cuddles? Time to schedule a cat therapy session this weekend! 

Gem Cat Cafe 
Instagram | Website
📍 107 Desker Road, Singapore 209629
🕑 12pm—10pm (Tue to Fri), 10am—10pm (Sat & Sun), Closed on Mon.

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