Indulge your weekends on Ginett’s S$15++ bottomless brunch with free-flow Mimosas

by Evan Mua
ginett bottomless brunch singapore

Many of us enjoy a relaxing chillout session with our friends over a couple of drinks, but booze doesn’t come cheap normally. That is unless, you treat yoself to the bottomless brunch at Ginett Singapore, where you can indulge in an endless stream of refreshing Mimosas for just S$15++.

And it’s not at some random, sketchy dive bar you’d find in the corner of a run-down building either. Ginett is actually a French Bistro located at Hotel G that serves up some mighty fine French fare.

ginett bottomless brunch singapore
Photo: Ginett Singapore

If you’re feeling all bougie and ready to live the high life, grab a seat at Ginett on weekends between 11:30am to 4pm for brunch and get tipsy on their bottomless supply of Mimosas for 2 hours — all for just S$15++.

It’s quite an irresistible deal, a single cocktail at most bars would set you back more than that. Of course, as the saying goes: “there’s no free lunch in the world.” To get in on the S$15++ unlimited booze, you have to order lunch here. You’ll just have to order a main course each.

ginett bottomless brunch singapore
Photo: Ginett Singapore

And hey, that’s not a bad deal — most of us wouldn’t be drinking on an empty stomach on a weekend afternoon anyways. Plus, Ginett’s main courses are pretty affordable for a restaurant like it too

If you’re up early and want something more breakfasty, go for the classic French Omelette (S$12) that is filled with a generous ensemble of Grueyere cheese, Paris Ham, and comes with a side of mushrooms.

ginett bottomless brunch singapore
Photo: Ginett Singapore

Indulge in dishes like the saucy Shakshuka (S$12) or hearty Mushroom Risotto (S$19) if you’re looking for more of Ginett’s lighter options so you have more stomach space for the bottomless Mimosas.

Ginnett’s signature Free Range Organic Chicken (S$14 for half, S$24 whole) might also be up your alley if you’re a fan of succulent, juicy roasted chickens.

They are also one of the rare places that make their pasta in-house, which can be dressed in moreish sauces like Carbonara (S$18) or Bolognese (S$16).

ginett singapore oysters

On the other hand, if bottomless brunches aren’t your thing, Ginett also offers one of the best oyster deals in town. Every Thursday night, they serve their Fine de Claire Oysters for just S$1 a pop.

Not only are these French-imported shellfish plump but there is no trace of any sliminess. These are probably the best quality oysters you’d get for the price.

Make a reservation here.

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