Popular ice cream cafe Tom’s Palette reopens with over 200 unique flavours like nasi lemak, root beer float, pipagao, soya bean fritters, maple pecan & so much more

by Marcus Leong

Does the name Tom’s Palette sound familiar? Well if it does, it probably means you belong to a certain age group. Tom’s Palette was one of the OG ice cream cafes in Singapore before they closed in 2005. Well, fans of this popular ice cream cafe, we have some good news for you. They have reopened in Bugis with a fresh new look and over 200 flavours! 

Tom's Palette
Photo: Tom’s Palette

The cosy cafe is located along Middle Road and if there’s one thing you must know about Tom’s Palette, it’s that they have an extensive menu of unique flavours. Just how unique are we talking? Think Pipagao, Nasi Lemak, Butterbeer & Crack Candy, Root Beer Float, Dong Ding Oolong, and even Pu’er (yes, the tea)

Photo: Confirm Good

The menu changes daily, so every trip here offers a whole new experience. Each day, there’ll be a selection of 36 flavours available. And if you’re not sure what to get, you can go for their mainstays like the Wild Strawberry Balsamic, Granny’s Favourite, or Italian Dark Chocolate. Prices start from S$5.20 for a single cup and S$9.60 for a double cup. You can also add on S$1.20 for a waffle cone, made fresh to order.

Tom's Palette
Photo: Confirm Good

If you’re coming down with your friends or family, go for the Tom’s Palette (S$29.80) which features a set of six flavours — why get one scoop when you can have six! The palette is great for sharing and you get to try some of the iconic flavours of the day. 

Our platter had a scoop of Dublin Coffee which had a super strong whisky flavour — that’s how you know that they don’t scrimp on their ingredients. We reckon you alcohol lovers will enjoy this one. We also had the Honey Lavender which was light and very creamy. As someone who doesn’t like lavender, I found the flavour of this one growing on me.

Photo: Confirm Good

You can also pair your ice cream with a nice and lightly sweet Belgian waffle. I love having my ice creams with waffles and boy do I have to say that the Belgian waffle here was one of the best I’ve had. It was light and fluffy with a slight sweetness to it. 

Flavours-wise, the Soya Bean Fritters and the Hojicha really stood out to me. The Hojicha was light and creamy, with a strong fragrance of the roasted tea — you definitely have to get this if it’s on the menu. 

Tom's Palette
Photo: @tomspalettesg/instagram

The Soya Bean Fritters is also another must-try, especially if you love traditional soya bean milk. There are chunks of youtiao mixed in the ice cream to give it an added texture. For something a little bit more adventurous, go for the White Chocolate Nori which is a sweet white chocolate ice cream base with bits of savoury seaweed mixed in.

Photo: Confirm Good

Other unique combinations include Lemongrass Pandan Ginger, Guinness Chocolate, Salted Caramel Cheesecake and a Parmesan Cheese & Cream Crackers. If you’re looking for something refreshing, the Soursop sorbet with bits of the soursop fruit inside. It was tangy, sweet, and oh so refreshing — perfect for beating the heat in Singapore. 

Tom's Palette
Photo: Confirm Good

There’s also a brand new flavour, Maple Pecan, which is a sweet and creamy vanilla-based ice cream with generous bits of roasted pecans and the fragrance of maple syrup. It’s like the perfect ice cream for springtime.

Pro tip: if you’re planning a trip down to their revamped shop space, make sure to head down early as the cafe gets really crowded in the evenings!

Which flavour are you most excited to try from Tom’s Palette? 

Tom’s Palette 
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Photos by Marcus Leong

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