Just opened: Hello Arigato is a stylish Japanese-inspired cafe with otah sandos and flowy cruffins

by Evan Mua
hello arigato cafe

Many people love the excitement of checking out new cafes but the slew of pasta and pancake dishes does get a tad monotonous. If you’re looking for a new spot that provides some creative spark, check out the new cafe Hello Arigato for their Japanese sandos.

Compared to your typical sandwiches, Japanese sandos feature slices of fluffy white bread that are squished onto a juicy patty, to give maximum flavour in each compact bite.

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More importantly, their cross-sections are absolute eyecandy. It’s no wonder they have been steadily growing in popularity recently. Hello Arigato joins the crowd of new cafes that have been pushing this wave even further,

Other than their eye-catching Japanese sandos, the cafe’s sleek earth-toned decor looks like a living room right out of a Kinfolk catalogue. It’s homely and cosy, lined with shelves filled with curious trinkets while a sofa acts as the centrepiece of the cafe.

hello arigato cafe
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In terms of food, Hello Arigato’s main attractions are their Japanese sandos, which are made fresh upon order, particularly the tantalising Gyu Sando (S$26)

160g of Angus striploin beef cooked to tender pink perfection, flanked by luscious caramelised onions and cloud-like Japanese milk bread.It’s slightly pricey, but a decent cut of steak will cost around the same amount anyways.

They’ve also put in a fun local spin for their Sandos by deep-frying a bread Muar Otah into a katsu-like patty for their Otah Sando (S$20), with a slather of lime sambal and coconut mayo adding some zest and local flair.

hello arigato cafe
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For more classic offerings, you can’t go wrong with the popular Pork Katsu Sandos (S$16) and Chicken Teriyaki Sandos (S$15).

Besides their sandos, Hello Arigato also has more traditional mains on their menu such as pastas and rice bowls. One of their signature dishes is the Tom Yum Somen (S$18), a moreish ensemble of Japanese Somen, blue swimmer crab and a chilled Tom Yum broth that’s strangely spicy but refreshing.

If you’re the type that can’t go without rice, their Teriyaki Chicken Don (S$14) can curb your rice cravings, whereas the charred XL unagi on the Unagi Supreme (S$28) is perfect for big eaters.

hello arigato cafe
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Another trendy item that you can find on Hello Arigato’s menu are cruffins, which have popped up in cafes all over Singapore. If you like a sexy cross-section, the molten cores of their Matcha Ganache Cruffin (S$7) and Chocolate Hazelnut (S$7) won’t disappoint you.

So, if you’re tempted to get your hands on their thicc sandos, you can get yourself a table here.

Hello Arigato
Facebook | Instagram
???? 227 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574359
????️ 11am–4pm, 6pm–9pm (Tue–Fri), 10am–4pm, 6pm–9pm (Sat–Sun)

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