Get the most photogenic Japanese Sandwiches in Singapore from 三-DÖ (@sssan.doh)

by Evan Mua
sssan.doh japanese sandwiches in singapore

If one good thing came of this pandemic, it was the thriving home-based scene. There’s even a business selling Japanese Sandos in Singapore now—meet 三-DÖ, operating under the tag @sssan.doh.

@sssan.doh’s name 三-DÖ is a play on the words san-doh. It’s a new online business that shouldn’t be confused with the other established retail-based brand selling Japanese Sandos in Singapore.

The owners are two undergrads currently enrolled with Culinary Institute of America. And they only just conceived of @sssan.doh in December 2020.

sssan.doh best japanese sandwiches singapore
Photo: @bakesoverme/instagram

The Food Business Management coursemates intend to use this platform to experiment and apply what they learnt in school. @sssan.doh already has a steady stream of business and their latest pre-orders for 7 March even sold out within a day.

Each sandwich just costs an affordable S$14, comparable to bigger businesses that sell Japanese Sandos in Singapore.

sssan.doh best japanese sandwiches singapore
Photo: @foodieggy/instagram

Most importantly, it is just so photogenic—definitely the most photogenic Japanese Sandos in Singapore. Like damn, their signature Truffle Tamago Sando (S$14) has no business being so gorgeous.

There’s just so much eggy goodness packed into one small Sando. You get the beautifully molten soft-boiled egg in the centre, topped with tobiko and egg mayo, a trifecta suited to their 三-DÖ name.

Above all, it packs a strong fragrance from a finishing touch of truffle oil and sesame oil to distinguish it from other Japanese egg Sandos in Singapore. It’s then wrapped inside jet-black bread which adds a sharp contrast.

sssan.doh best japanese sandwiches singapore
Photo: @sssan.doh/instagram

Otherwise, their Buttermilk Chicken Sando (S$14) is another popular choice. It’s unique because Japanese sandwiches in Singapore generally don’t use buttermilk fried chicken patties.

To ensure a perfect crunch, @sssan.doh marinates the chicken for 24 hours before frying. After that, they add Sriracha Mayo and homemade Japanese Pickles to give it a stronger kick.

Photo: @sssan.doh/instagram

Besides their Japanese sandwiches, you can also order @sssan.doh’s special home made bottled coffee. They come in two unique flavours—Vanilla Latte (S$6.50) and Orange Mocha (S$6.50).

Pair it with one of @sssan.doh’s Japanese sandwiches for just a total of S$20.

@sssan.doh are a cool new concept as not many places specialise in Japanese Sandwiches in Singapore. Especially not such good looking ones. Get some to feed your followers on the ‘gram.

Order here for 14th March, or go to the link in in their Instagram bio for subsequent weeks.

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