This super vibey tarot place in Haji Lane offers S$5 oracle readings, couple guidance and even pet readings

by June Ngooi

As someone who keeps track of the calendar year based on which horoscope season we’re in, I’m definitely not one to shy away from talks of spirituality or anything of the like.

So when the folks behind House of Oracles (remember those S$5 oracle readings?) shared with us about what’s new with them, we decided to head down and simultaneously check out their revamped space as well!

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Located along Haji Lane, House of Oracles shares an entrance with Bored Go Here and occupies the attic space. But don’t worry it’s not some scary attic, the space has been transformed into this super chill place that is the perfect setting for tarot readings. 

attic space house of oracles
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Look at this, aren’t the vibes just immaculate with this one? Compared to the hustle and bustle of a Friday night (the day it was when we visited), this setting was exactly what we needed to gain some tranquillity away from the crowds.

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House of Oracles is most popular for their Guided Message from the Universe one-card reading (S$5), but they also have three-card healing readings (S$30 for 15 minutes), and even three-card chakra readings (S$30 for 15 minutes). 

I went for the guidance and general message reading and not gonna lie the idea of being vulnerable in front of a stranger made me nervous. It was my first time getting read by someone whom I’ve just met after all. 

Luckily, the cosy and ethereal vibes of the revamped place really helped to ease my nerves and set the mood, before I was being led through a guided general spiritual reading.

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For the reading, you’ll be required to give your name and birthday (the usual) for starters. Then, just sit back and be ready to receive the messages from the cards — a very simple process. 

But what I did not expect was to get called out right away with just the very first card. If there’s anything you must know is that you’ll not be able to hide any facet of your true self here — just look at me. 

I was told that I needed to get some physical activity and exercise in order to manage my stagnant energy. That did not sit well with the lazy couch potato me. Guess my new year’s resolution for 2024 is gonna be to lead a healthier lifestyle. 

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I will spare you the boring details but overall I was told to be more honest with myself and to gain a little more confidence in my abilities — a piece of advice that I think everyone should have! 

Tarot readings are largely tailored to an individual, so if you wanna get more in-depth advice, you should definitely book a slot to meet with these guys. But if it resonates with you, then there definitely isn’t any harm in following that advice. 

pet reading house of oracles
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For all parents of furry ones, you may rejoice to learn that House of Oracles does readings for pets too. If you’ve always wanted to know what your furkid is thinking, this is just the thing for you.

If you are interested in bringing your furkids for a reading but don’t know what to ask, start by asking Yes or No questions. 

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When we were doing the pet reading, some of the guidance we received was really insightful to understanding our pets better. For instance, my coworker learnt that her habit of working at home has led to her cat feeling neglected, and we also found out that her cat wasn’t a fan of vegetables (just like his owner)! 

In essence, the pet reading allowed us to communicate better with our furry ones and understand them on a deeper level. 

couple reading house of oracles
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House of Oracles also offers ten-minute three-card couple readings (S$25) that highlight present issues to you and your partner, allowing you to gain more clarity on how to work together moving forward.

Of course, couple readings can also be done between friends, not just romantic partners. So if you would like to explore your friendship a little more, why not get a head start here?

Overall, I think it was a very fruitful and insightful experience for me! If you’re seeking some clarity and direction for ringing in the new year, you can opt for their Oracle Reading 2024 Guidance for extra counsel. 

Ready to get down and spiritual?

House of Oracles
Instagram | Website 
📍 44A Haji Lane, Level 2, Singapore 189237
🕜 12pm–9pm (Mon & Fri), 12pm–10pm (Tue to Thu, Sat & Sun)

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Photos by June Ngooi

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