This Eastern-European restaurant is having an unlimited crêpe buffet with free-flow toppings like cream cheese, smoked salmon, red caviar & more for just S$17.90

by Marcus Leong

We’re no strangers to buffets — festive buffets, steak buffets, hotpot buffets, or even ice cream buffets.

But this restaurant in the CBD is taking dessert buffets to the next level by offering a new unlimited crêpe buffet for just S$17.90 per person with freshly made crêpes, free flow toppings alongside coffee or tea. 

Photo: Kapitan

The crêpe buffet is brought to you by Kapitan, a Slavic restaurant located along Maxwell Road. They specialise in Eastern-European dishes and are most known for their handmade dumplings

In case you’re wondering why the name sounds so familiar, that’s because it’s the same restaurant that went viral on tiktok. 

Photo: Kapitan/facebook

They’ve recently announced that they’ll be doing a free-flow crêpe buffet from now until 10 February 2024 — I don’t know about you but I’m super excited about this. 

You must be thinking ‘free-flow crêpes? How can anyone have that as a full meal?’ Well, hear me out. 


While crêpes are typically enjoyed for dessert, Kapitan does it a little differently by offering both sweet and savoury toppings to pair with the freshly made crêpes. Plus, the buffet only costs S$17.90 per person — all that for unlimited crepes and free-flow toppings? Yes please. 

Photo: @Abby S/google images

Pair your crêpes with toppings like bacon, sauteed mushrooms, chicken ham, cream cheese, honey, sour cream, and more. But, my favourite pairing with crêpe is condensed milk — which fortunately is also offered here! 


They’ve also got toppings like smoked salmon, chocolate, parma ham and flavoured jam. However, these are considered premium toppings and will be available at an additional top up starting from S$2 (depending on the topping of choice).

If you’re feeling extra boujee, they even have red caviar available for you to pair with your crêpes. 


The buffet will also entitle you to a complimentary coffee or tea — you’re gonna need this to fight off the food coma after all those crêpes. 

Photo: Kapitan/facebook

However, there is a catch. In order for you to enjoy this special promotion, everyone at the table has to order crêpe — so maybe don’t invite that one friend who doesn’t like crêpes.

 You’ll also be required to finish your crêpe before you can order another set, to minimise wastage, so don’t get too greedy. 

The crêpe buffet is only available on Sundays, from 11am to 1pm, and will end on 10 February 2024. The buffet dining period is also limited to 90 minutes

How many crêpes do you think you can eat in one seating? 

Kapitan Crêpe Buffet 
Facebook | Instagram | Website
📍 31 Maxwell Road, Maxwell Chambers #01-05, Singapore 069115
🕑 11am–1pm (Sun)
🗓 From now till 10 Feb 2024

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