The popular Naruto: The Gallery will be making its first appearance in Singapore with an immersive exhibition, exclusive merch, photobooths & more

by Marcus Leong

Naruto fans, get ready to scream “Dattebayo!” at the top of your lungs because the famed anime series’ wildly popular Naruto: The Gallery immersive exhibition will be making its way to Singapore! This will be the exhibition’s first-ever international debut — we thank the anime gods for this. 

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Taking place from 28 March to 30 June 2024 at Universal Studios Singapore, the exhibition will bring to life the iconic world of shinobi AKA the ninja created by Masashi Kishimoto. The entire exhibition will be split into six different zones, each displaying different characters, iconic scenes and more from the beloved anime series. 

I hope you’re ready for this because you’ll get to meet some of your favourite characters up close and even feel like you’ve been transported into the scene with them. 

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To give you some context on what you can expect from the exhibition, the entire space is centred on Uzumaki Naruto’s tumultuous journey in overcoming his past, fate, and rivals to become the Hokage (head) of the Konohagakure no Sato (Hidden Leaf Village). 

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As you explore the exhibition, you’ll get to see relive pivotal moments in Naruto’s life including the path of Naruto’s rival Sasuke and the climactic events of the Fourth Great Ninja War. 

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Other highlights include a diorama of Naruto’s hometown, the Hidden Leaf Village, and a seven-minute screening of the final battle in a 4D theatre. If it’s anything like the OG in Japan, you best bet that these will be equally impressive and mind-blowing. 

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Pics or it didn’t happen, am I right? Apart from taking pics around the exhibit, you can also look forward to capturing more memories with your favourite characters at the special Naruto-themed photobooth at the end of the exhibition. 

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You’ll be able to pick from over different Naruto-themed photo strip designs and you’ll also get to

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What’s an exhibition without any special merchandise? The Universal Studios store and Soundstage 28 turns into a shopping paradise for all Naruto fans as the stores will be stocked with exclusive merchandise. The official merchandise includes a 20th anniversary collection of tin badges, tote bags, mini cards, Furoshiki (wrapping cloths) and more.

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If you wanna make it a fully Naruto experience, then make sure to stop over KT’s Grill and check out The Gallery Cafe which features a specially curated menu with iconic dishes from the show. Real fans of the show will know that Naruto’s favourite dish is Ramen, and of course you’ll get to eat that here — now that’s kinda wild.

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Other mains include a special themed burger, in fish or chicken variants. There’s also special-themed drinks and even fries that look like Naruto’s hair for you to have a go at! As for desserts, you can look forward to enjoying some yummy and chewy dango — the quintessential Japanese dessert.

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Tickets to Naruto: The Gallery costs S$83 (Adult) and S$62 (Child). In addition to exploring the exhibition, you can also go ahead and blow off some steam on the rollercoasters at USS — two for the price of one, not too bad right? Tickets can be purchased here

Naruto: The Gallery
🗓 Now till 30 June 2024

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Photos by Marcus Leong

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