ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure Park has VR games, dino-themed rides, huge animatronic dinosaurs & more

by Jesslyn Lye

There’s just something that’s always exciting about dinosaurs, whether it’s because they’re prehistoric creatures that went extinct so long ago, or maybe because after watching the wild Jurassic Park movies, it’s a cool experience to see these animals in person. 

roarr! dinosaur adventure park
Photos: @biztmgp, @kj.luvs.twinning/instagram

Well, good news for those who love dinosaurs. Joining the many dino-themed activities that have opened in Singapore recently is the new ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure Park, a big indoor playground with rides, VR games, moving dinosaurs, and more.

Photos: @ezanetan, @vernece.lss/instagram

Upon entering the space, you’ll be greeted by huge animatronic dinosaurs that move around just like the real thing. Taller than most adults and with big, sharp teeth, the dinosaurs really are quite massive. It’s almost like stepping into a real life Jurassic Park — but without the danger, thank goodness.

Once inside, you’ll find a variety of dino-themed amusement park rides sure to be exciting for any child or dinosaur-lover. Take a ride on the colourful dinosaur merry-go-round, the mini viking, or the spinning dinosaur eggs. 

roarr! dinosaur adventure park
Photos: @biztmgp, @vernece.lss/instagram

Older kids will also have a chance at playing with immersive virtual reality games, including a VR shooting game, and a VR Jurassic Park train ride.

Besides the games and rides, kids can also dive into an interactive ball pit, bounce on trampolines hidden in dinosaur eggs, and run wild in a bouncy castle. The activity space also includes a playground, a sandpit, dino-themed activity boards, and mini dinosaurs that kids can climb onto for a ride.

Photos: @vernece.lss/instagram

Each play session lasts 100 minutes, and you’ll want to stay for the full duration, because there’ll be a dinosaur meet-and-greet towards the end. Lead a moving, roaring T-rex out with a leash and snap a couple of cool pictures with it to commemorate the day.

roarr! dinosaur adventure park
Photos: @vivien_steffan_wong, @ezanetan/instagram

The ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure Park will be at Let’s Play@Marina Square from now till 25 September, with tickets being priced from S$25 onwards per person. Note that some activities require you to remove your shoes, so remember to bring socks along too!

ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure Park
???? Let’s Play, Marina Square, #03-208/209, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039594
???? 10am – 10pm (Mon to Sun)
????️ From now till 25 September 2022

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