This popular apple pie brand from Korea will be serving their signature pies at their first pop-up in Singapore for two weeks only

by Marcus Leong

Think fast: what is one of the best and most comforting dessert pastries that you know? 

If you answered apple pie, you’re in luck because the popular apple pie brand, SAGWADANG, hailing all the way from Yesan, South Korea has arrived in Singapore!

Photo by Confirm Good

SAGWADANG will be making their inaugural pop-up in Singapore for two weeks only, taking place from 18 March to 7 April 2024 at Bugis Junction

This is also their first-ever international appearance, outside of Korea. The apple pie lover in me is squealing right now

The pop-up will feature three of SAGWADANG’s best sellers — Original Apple Pie (S$4.50), Vanilla Apple Pie (S$5.40), and Milk Cream Apple Pie (S$5.40)

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Unlike your usual apple pies that are typically made with a buttery crust, SAGWADANG’s apple pies are made in the form of a flaky puff pastrykinda like our local chicken curry puffs from local bakeries. 

Right off the bat, the pies are baked to a nice golden brown. Encased inside the flaky  puff pastries are little chunks of sweet apple puree.

As someone who enjoys the traditional buttery crust-based apple pies, I was pretty impressed with these ones. 

Photo by Confirm Good

The fluffy and flaky  puff pastry helps to make the pie less dense and filling, which also means you won’t feel so jelak after eating one. 

The puff is slightly caramelised on the outside, which helps to elevate the sweetness of the apple filling. The apple puree had a smooth consistency, with the apple bits adding a nice crunch into the mix. 

Photo by Confirm Good

My personal favourite is the Milk Cream Apple Pie which was infused with a rich and creamy fresh milk cream. The milk cream was light and blended well with the crunchy apple. 

Photo by Confirm Good

The Vanilla Apple Pie was definitely a unique choice and having tried it I can see why it’s so popular. The vanilla cream was very creamy and fragrant, and tasted almost like vanilla custard. The flavours and sweetness was well-balanced and very comforting, definitely a must-try when you visit. 

As a traditional pie-crust lover, I must admit that the apple pies from SAGWADANG really did impress me. The fluffy and flaky  pastry really helped to make the pies less heavy and more enjoyable. However , the flakey pastry does get a little messy to eat, so make sure you have tissues nearby.

Photo by Confirm Good

The pies are best enjoyed fresh and warm, and if you’re unsure which flavour to get, we say get one of each as each pie showcases a different blend of texture and flavour! Plus, if you head down today, you might be able to get a chance to snap pics with the popular Korean Mukbang personality, Heebab!

How do you like your apple pies? 

📍 200 Victoria Street, Bugis Junction Level 1, Singapore 188021
🕑 11am–9pm (Daily)
🗓  From now till 7 Apr 2024

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Photos by Marcus Leong

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