Sentosa Festive Market returns with fun activities & over 25 vendors with pet photobooths, unique handcrafted products, cheese platters & more

by June Ngooi

From Universal Studios Singapore to exploring the pretty beaches, there is never a shortage of activities to engage in at Sentosa. You’ve seen the beach clubs and the lifestyle destinations, but get ready for another fun one this weekend.

sentosa festive market
Photo: Sunday Social Market

The Sentosa Festive Market is back this month to usher in more vendors, activities, and highlights for you and your loved ones! 

Taking place from 11 to 12 November 2023, the Sentosa Festive Market is organised in conjunction with the vOilah! French Film festival. 

Photo: @singaporeforless/pinterest

Imagine strolling down Palawan Beach Walk and browsing through the various local brands, artisans, and decadent food options on a lazy weekend — what’s not to like? 

Speaking of food, what is a festive market without delicious munchies? 

Photo: @cowabunga.ttc/instagram

Don’t miss out on checking out Singapore’s first concept food truck, Cowabunga x The Travelling Cow, that parks itself at the festive market exclusively on Sunday. I mean, those burgers look so temptingly irresistible!

sentosa festive market
Photo: Le Petit Marche

For those craving a taste of France, Le Petit Marché is one of the vendors delivering honey, cheese platters, and wines directly from France. You don’t have to pack them directly from home if you can just get them at the Sentosa Festive Market. 

Photo: @ohappiplace/instagram

Of course strolling around after a while might get a little warm, and what better way to cool down than to get some ice cream? That’s right, O Happi Place will indeed be your happy place with its array of delicious gelato flavours! 

sentosa festive market

And if you’re going for a light snack, stop by Nicher for handmade croissants, pastries, and other baked goods. 

With over 25 vendors at the market, you can spend time exploring the plethora of booths that offer a variety of activities and products. Don’t worry, allow me to lead you through some of the highlights of the Sentosa Festive Market. 

Photo: Sunday Social Market

Engage in some fun face painting by Lynn Adele and Eli & Levi for some gorgeous art on your skin. It’s safe for children too! For those craving a mature and more inky look, you can head over to Jynk Ink’s booth for temporary jagua tattoos to try out some designs — without fully committing to them.

sentosa festive market
Photo: Sunday Social Market

Remember how we were so obsessed with tarot reading? If this is up your forte (like mine), don’t forget to stop by Illumin8 by Mia’s tarot reading booth. If you need crystals for this endeavour, The Kampong Folk has got you covered. 

Photo: Sunday Social Market

For those a fan of the scents, Edrial Hayward’s has an extensive collection of eco-friendly coconut wax scented candles for you to choose from to add to that growing collection in your room! 

And for those wondering — yes, Sentosa Festive Market is the place for your furry friends as well!  

sentosa festive market
Photo: Sunday Social Market

There are pet portraits and pet photobooths that you can take especially with your furry babies at the festive market. How cute is that? 

What’s more, entry to this event is free and anyone can head down to check out the festivities. Even if it is just for the weekend, there are plenty of activities to participate in, booths to check out, and food to enjoy with your friends, family, and pets.

So mark your calendars for this weekend, and oui will see you there!

Sentosa Festive Market 
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????️11 to 12 Nov 2023

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