Customise your own aesthetic perfume, lipstick, candles & more at this zen workshop in Johor Bahru from S$8.12

by Kaye Yeo

The joy of making something of your own is always a delight — not only is it a therapeutic process, but we can also customise it to fit our very needs. However, DIY workshops are not exactly the most budget-friendly in Singapore, with prices for a simple candle making class starting from S$70 or higher.

You can save more by getting the materials yourself, but even then, it takes time to research reliable sellers and purchase the right materials that fit within your budget.

Siddham Living
Photo: Siddham Living/facebook

Instead, why not check out Siddham Living, a shop in Johor Bahru offering DIY experiences and guided workshops from just S$8.12 (RM28)? With its zen-like interior and soothing essential oils, this cafe-workshop will immediately bring a wave of relaxation over you as you enter the space.

Photo: Siddham Living/facebook

Spend a cosy afternoon at the table by the window, working on your personalised items with friends or family. For those who are familiar with making handicrafts, Siddham offers a self-guided DIY experience where you will be provided with all the materials and equipment needed for you to start. 

Whether you’re making an essential oil lipstick (S$16.83, RM58), hand lotion (S$8.12, RM28) or an all-natural deodorant (S$13.93, RM48), there’ll be a YouTube video to guide you through the steps and materials required.

Siddham Living
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Take the DIY lipstick for example — you’ll be able to choose from 10 colours of rouge available, 15 classy lipstick mould designs, your lipstick tube and of course, your own essential oil blend

Siddham prides themselves on using natural ingredients that have no chemical additives, so you’ll be able to keep your lips plump and hydrated with no worry!

Siddham Living
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If you prefer to be guided through the process, why not take up their workshops on aroma candle cake making (S$48.75, RM168), essential oil perfume (S$40.04, RM138) or soap making and more?

Feel like a pâtissier as you pour your wax “ganache” mix over your scented candle cake to create a drip effect, or channel your inner Michelangelo as you paint and decorate your aroma stone. The detail of customisation goes much deeper in the guided sessions, with over 100 accessories that you can choose from or make from scratch with wax.

Photo: Siddham Living/facebook

Create a galaxy-themed cake or spell out your partner’s name with aroma stones — there is no limit to how creative you can be! 

The DIY sessions will typically last around 30 minutes to an hour while the guided workshops will take around one and a half to two hours. (Psst, you’ll be treated to a tea break of organic cookies with flavours like earl grey and osmanthus, and a steaming pot of tea during the guided workshop!)

Siddham Living
Photo: @yeezhenglee/instagram

Now you know where to go for a quality DIY experience without breaking the bank on your next trip to JB!

Siddham Living
Facebook | Instagram | Website
???? 50a & 52a, Jalan Eco Botanic 3, 6 Taman Eco Botanic, 79100, Iskandar Puteri, Johor
???? 10am–7pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon

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