The Cat Place is where you can meet rare cats like sphinxes, snow bengal cats, scottish fold cats & more

the cat place

From your usual cat cafe to this cageless cat adoption centre, and the “Lion City Kitty” Museum, here’s a unique cat experience unlike the others at The Cat Place. This is where you’ll get to meet and play with (rare-ish) pedigree cats from Snow Bengals to Sphinxes, Scottish Fold cats and more!

the cat place
Photos: @joyce.ngo_ and @sgcathouse/instagram

Opened in 2020 at North Bridge Road, this unexpected find offers the little-known Pedigree Cat Experience at S$12 per hour. Especially if you’re keen to interact with gorgeous kitties we don’t usually see every day (though I love our Singapore cats) – this is the place to be. 

Photos: @fugui.meow and @spittfire1611/instagram

They have seven breeds of cats you can expect to see here (depending on what’s available when you visit):

1. Snow Bengal
An elegant cat that looks like a little snow leopard (an Asian Leopard cat mixed with a Siamese cat which resulted in a Snow Bengal with creamy white fur, blue eyes, and contrasting markings).

2. Sphinx 
Sphinxes are an almost hairless cat breed (they are sometimes covered with a very fine coat of fuzz) with wrinkly skin and a surprisingly loving personality.

3. Munchkin 
The sausage dog (Dachshund) of cats with its notably shorter legs, and a mischievous personality. (Munchkins are also known for loving shiny objects!)

4. Scottish Fold
With their round heads and folded ears creating the illusion of even rounder heads, the Scottish Fold is arguably one of the cutest cat breeds around.

the cat place
Photos: @sgcathouse/instagram

5. British Shorthair (available in blue, bicolour, golden and silver) 
One of the oldest recognised cat breeds in the world, the British Shorthair is the pedigreed version of the traditional British domestic cat with the most common colour being “British Blue”. They also have nice plush coats with a rounded body that feels almost like a little teddy bear in cat form.

6. Napoleon 
A mixture of Munchkin and Persian cats, the napoleon cat (also known as a Minuet cat) has the adorable short legs of a Munchkin, and the colouring of Persian cats, along with a nice long fluffy tail.

7. Ragdoll 
Ragdolls are one of the largest domesticated cats with semi-long and silky coats. Patient, gentle, calm, quiet and loving, their name was also derived from the tendency of cats from the original breeding stock to go limp and relaxed when picked up!

Photo: @spittfire1611/instagram

Whether you’re here just to meet and play with the cats (and get photos with these photogenic kitties, or if you’re looking around for a new addition to the family – The Cat Place aims to provide a cosy environment for potential furparents to “experience first and choose later”.

They also sell a wide range of cat supplies and accessories if you’ve already got a kitty back home!

the cat place
Photos: @sgcathouse and @jolly.lele/instagram

This affordable and one-of-a-kind pedigree cat experience is perfect for animal lovers, a date, parents looking for a fun activity to bring the kids out to, and even friends who are up for something new.

If you’re keen to visit, head over to their website and easily book a session. (Walk-ins are accepted too, with the last walk-in entry at 7.30pm.)

PS: They will be relocating to Icon@changi soon, and the interaction centre will not be available come September. So if you’d love to spend some time with the gorgeous cats here, do make an appointment before it’s closed!

The Cat Place
Facebook | Instagram | Website
???? 770 North Bridge Road Singapore, Singapore 198738
???? 1pm – 8pm (Tue to Fri), 1pm – 9pm (Sat to Sun) 

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Editor’s Note:

We enjoy animal-related establishments as it gives us the opportunity to interact with our favourite animals – and as animal lovers, we can’t ignore the ethical issues that revolve around this. From animal cafes to pet shops and catteries, there are a wide range of ethical concerns when it comes to animal welfare such as the treatment of the animals, or ethical breeding at pet shops and catteries.

As we share some really great animal cafes, pet shops and catteries to visit, we strongly urge everyone to treat these animals gently, and if you have seen signs that the animals are not being well taken care of, please highlight it to us immediately. If you are considering getting a pet, we would also encourage you to consider adoption options first if possible. There are plenty of lovable animals waiting for a good home at places like SoSD, Cat Welfare Society, and the SPCA!

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