Tinder adds new Explore features including filtering by interests, interactive games & chatting before you match

by Evan Mua
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Are younot like the other girls/guysand hate scrolling through all the “not down for DTF except Din Tai Fung” and just get on dating apps for a good time not a long time? Well, Tinder’s gotcha with their new explore features to help improve your dating experience.

So if you’re still on the market for a date from mid-October onwards, Tinder will be pushing out new ways for you to find love in Singapore with these new ideas. Maybe you can finally find someone who you’d be dying to meet.

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So what can you find on Tinder when they roll out their explore updates? One cool new feature is called Hot Takes, which will change how you weed out potential matches with something more fun beyond just swiping left or right.

Hot Takes is a quiz that happens nightly, pairing up Tinder users to answer important questions of the universe such as “which of these is the most pretentious?” for some spicy, spicy hot takes.

You’ll get to chat with your potential match to see if you agree on important and divisive issues like whether you think TikTok is annoying, if hipsters are annoying, and if oxford commas are annoying. And if you realise sparks are flying from your common loves (or hates) then you can match them from the chat!

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Photo: Tinder

Another exciting feature on Tinder’s explore tab is Swipe Night which was a quirky interactive adventure they test run in 2019 that users could join in.

The next instalment of Swipe Night will be a “Gen Z whodunnit” — basically an exciting murder mystery where you can impress the other hot stuff on Tinder with your detective skills.

Not only that but you can also actively seek out the cool people on Tinder with the Explore platform allowing you to look through people with specific interests like “foodies”, “gamers” or “music lovers”.

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Photo: Tinder

So it’ll be easier to find someone worth talking to instead of swiping through another 10 profiles with nothing but things like “INFJ, 20, Scorpio. I like to sleep.”

The Explore section will even have a dedicated space for Photo Verified Profiles so you can find a match that likely won’t be catfish — you kings and queens don’t deserve to get your time wasted, after all.

Download the Tinder app on Apple AppStore or Google Play to try out the explore features yourself, which will be rolled out in “mid-October” according to Tinder.

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*Top photos from: Mika Baumeister/unsplash and Tinder

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