This unique one-day only bazaar has locally designed lifestyle items like posters, tote bags, 3D printed Pokemon toys, jerseys and more

by June Ngooi

Growing up in Singapore, I am sure most of us would have come across the iconic red and white striped tents and indulged in the pasar malam experience, stretching down the roadside with many different vendors selling various items and food

The concept of pasar malam holds a nostalgic sentiment in most of our hearts. Such were the days where we would explore the diverse affordable items on display in certain vendors, and chew on delicious and classic delights. 

unofficial pasar malam experience
Photo: Studio29

So imagine my excitement when I found out about The Unofficial Pasar Malam Experience, a joint collaboration between local street brand SKIN+BONE and creative agency Studio29

Inspired by childhood nostalgia, The Unofficial Pasar Malam Experience also has a sprinkle of humour that gives it its unique twist on the traditional definition as we know it. 

Photo: Studio29

By recreating the magic in a tongue-in-cheek manner, this event celebrates the pasar malam experience through the introduction of humour with an artistic sense. 

Truly, it is called an unofficial pasar malam experience for a reason. The lineup features an array of quirky local artists as collaborators that provides them the platform to showcase their products. 

unofficial pasar malam experience
Photo: Studio29

For instance, HAFI is a local illustrator, designer, and visual artist known for her themes of identity and dissecting cultural narratives.  

unofficial pasar malam
Photo: Studio29

There is also New World Plaza whose artistic direction draws heavy inspiration from the late 50s and 60s Singaporean and Malaysian fashion aesthetic. Anyone remember coiffed hair and floral dresses? Look no further with New World Plaza! 

Photo: Studio29

Undergrounderground has got to be one of my favourite indie visual artists in Singapore due to their unorthodox cartoon style combined with a distinctive perspective of mundane life here on our little red dot. 

unofficial pasar malam experience
Photo: @skinplusbone/instagram

Unlike the usual toys and knick-knacks you will find in a traditional pasar malam, the Unofficial Pasar Malam boasts fashion lifestyle items and apparel like New World Plaza merchandise tee shirts, 3D printed Pokemon crossovers and toys by SKIN+BONE, and miscellaneous artistic posters, postcards and even tote bags. 

Photo: Studio29

There will even be a bunch of football jersey tee shirts redesigned by local artists to provide a Singaporean element that is both nostalgic and aesthetic.  

unofficial pasar malam experience
Photo: STudio209

Of course there are many more besides these and there will be something for everyone! So mark your calendars as this bazaar will only be available for one day only on 14 October 2023.

I don’t know about you but I cannot wait to take a walk down memory lane and bask in contemporary art at the same time with this Unofficial Pasar Malam Experience!

The Unofficial Pasar Malam Experience
Instagram | Website 
???? Lifestyle@Sing See Soon, 5 Simei Lane, Singapore 528710
???? 2pm—9pm
????️ 14 Oct 2023

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